Sunday, 9 December 2007

Black Voluntary Sector under Attack

The most telling aspect of this piece: 'Gilligan’s column subtly plays to the fears some have of Black people getting organised and empowering themselves, and underhandedly advocates for cutting and undermining support [which] Black organisations have earned and deserve'. Whites are terrified because a) they fear Blacks will take their revenge for 500 years of White Racism. And, b) Whites fear that their unearned privileges - accruing from this racist legacy - will have to be shared with Blacks; cutting the throat of the goose that lays Whites their golden eggs. The White Race is, in essence, a race of panhandlers and parasites who couldn't stand on Their own two feet without the necessary emotional crutch of racism. (Witness the anger of recent White Arrivals from South Africa who are bitter that They can't earn as much here as They could under apartheid.) Even those who aren't overtly racist still obtain the benefits of White Privilege in an institutionally racist culture like that obtaining in the UK - and the West, in general. Try to remove this crutch and Whites will fight tooth and nail to ensure you don't, even if it means They will have to destroy it for Themselves to prevent you from obtaining it. Thus, Whites are slaves to Their profound intolerance of others. The fact is that Whites don't have to give up Their unearned privileges – and They know it – because, in a democracy, They can always pass laws to keep Themselves in the majority; such as immigration controls. The greatest danger facing Blacks is that Whites don't feel guilty about Their racism, so long as They can hide it from Themselves. This is why it must always be pushed into Their faces – at every and all opportunities – to ensure They never get away with any of it.

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