Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Why there must be no free speech for Nazis

Although a very good article, it misses important points. 1) Whites would much rather debate with racists than with Blacks about racism, since that allows all Whites to profit from racism by pretending racism is worthy of debate and therefore a valid point of view; a) Moreover, it's easier to win a debate with a racist because racists are quite stupid, so such debates are always straw man debates to make alleged anti racists look good but which only make the latter look just as stupid; 2) Free speech implies the responsibility of free listening. Because racists aren't listening, they're not so much engaging in free speech as in mere mouthing off! They affectively deny others the right to free speech while indulging in it themselves; 3) There's a flaw in our democracy that's exploited by the BNP. The mentally ill (eg, white racists) are allowed to speak freely while those who also endanger lives by making hoax telephone calls or who shout "Fire" in a crowded theatre are not; 4) "No Platform" policies drive racists underground, where they're harder to see and destroy. Although a necessary evil, this fact should not be evaded; 5) White, racist free speech tourists want to frighten blacks into accepting second class citizenship. This is a cover for an institutionally racist culture and an attempt to legitimate it, rather more than an attempt to legitimate the BNP (the tip of the iceberg of white racism). It's proof of how deep-rooted racism is in white culture and, therefore, of how painfully difficult it is for most whites to renounce it; 6) Because racism provides whites (racist or not) with obvious advantages; they're perfectly happy to debate with racists – behind the cover of free speech, because of the covert desire to maintain these unearned benefits. Racism doesn't effect whites negatively, in the short term, as apartheid didn't; 7) Debate is a euphemism for negotiation: About how openly racist whites will allow themselves to be and how much legalised racism blacks will be required to accept. Negotiation here is a euphemism for appeasement: Such discussions are pointless because if racists could be reasoned with they'd hardly be racists in the first place; 8) Racists believe in free speech only for themselves: They must control the debate to continue to benefit themselves and disbenefit blacks. Discussion with racists (but not discussion of racism) is merely a form of racism since all debates inherently legitimise their subject as fit for discussion; allowing racism to continue to be practised. Any debate with a racist privileges the racist as a rational thinker; like trying to have a rational debate about schizophrenia with a schizophrenic! 9) Such a debate implies it's perfectly legitimate to deprive people of their human rights simply because they are less white than those engaged in the debate. Whites are certainly much exercised about positive discrimination for blacks while hypocritically allowing it for themselves – via racism. The debate itself valorises racism when the only real thing to debate is a) how to destroy racists; or, b) when are racists going to renounce racism: The two are mutually incompatible. After all, would you debate with a paedophile about access to your kids? 10) Only racists claim racists have a right to free speech; as only paedophiles claim the same right; 11) '…[O]ur resistance [to white racism] should not be confined to legal… means…' Does this mean the targeted assassination of known racist ringleaders? 12) This is all part of the backlash against free-speech stifling Political Correctness. Not to engage in something better, but merely for whites to use their democratic political advantage (they're the majority) to express their racism and call it free speech. Racist whites think it's OK to abuse others (as in Nazi Germany) and now wish a return to their open championing of such overt behaviour; 13) Freedom of speech is only applicable to those who believe in it and practise it; it is not applicable to those who only wish it for themselves and to those who only wish it for whites. For racists to proclaim the value of free speech which they would be only too happy to deny to others is canting, racist hypocrisy; 14) Whites always try to get around any of their unethical behaviour by making it legal. Discussion is a way of making racism tacitly legal and ethical: That way no one need ever feel guilty abut behaving badly, because it's the law. By making it legal, whites think they make it ethical; thereby evading moral issues. This is why the British Empire, Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa flourished on the back of the racism that was so important to their former success.

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