Sunday, 10 February 2008

You need friends in high places

Hereward: '…[I]n future regional public health bodies will (Sic) be told that international medical graduates shoul (Sic) be eligible for posts only if there was (Sic) no suitable graduate (Sic) from Britain.' 'Falling educational standards [in England] and a politically correct policy of employing third world people over local graduates.' The first paragraph above is racist nonsense by Whites that wish to maintain the unearned privileges of being White in racist countries like Australia and the UK. The issue of who should be selected to fill any job is down to nothing more than whom is the best person to do so. Racist Whites always assume it can only be Whites that are best in all and any circumstances. The sheer ignominy of a White person having to compete with someone less White than himself is enough to crush his ethnocentric ego. Only a morbidly skin obsessed White racist could ever possibly imagine that being operated on by second rate British doctor would be preferable to being operated upon by a first rate foreigner. It is to be hoped that Whites with this attitude will die on the operating table, as soon as possible under the scalpels of members of their own benighted ethnicity. The second paragraph simply isn't true – why would any government spend money training an expensive doctor and then not use the skills and abilities so created? Racists will believe anything that allows them to attack those not blessed with their sacred skin coloration. The basic issue here is that racists can no longer appeal to patriotism, nationalism and chauvinism as a source of identity, since the nation state is in decline both as a concept and as a practice. They have no way of knowing whom they are without being able to use their skin colour to pretend it makes them superior to others. Without this, they will have to actually engage in adult achievements rather than attack those foreigners having the guts to do same – what Whites are not prepared to do. After all, if Whites seriously wish employment, then they must – like everyone else in the world – be prepared to look overseas. Racism is simply a tariff on employment designed to ensure Whites remain employed, regardless of ability, and to ensure they don't ever face the fact that they're just as good as anyone else – not better. Without racism, Whites wouldn't survive in the wild since racism offers them no survival skills (only the delusion of superiority) that could ever ensure they stayed alive when surrounded by those more streetwise than themselves. It's an emotional crutch for those who can't stand on their own two feet as much as calls for duties on cheap imported goods are attempts to subsidise failing industries that can’t compete. Ethnic Whites are members of a failing race peopling a failed political economy that has never really gotten over the loss of its many Empires, so grieves for their respective return.

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