Sunday, 24 February 2008

What will it take to end Child Poverty?

The problem here is that the reason for pretending to want to alleviate poverty is to increase the tax take, rather than altruism, and to cut social welfare costs. This is the hypocrisy caused by the fact that the welfare state has failed, and that there is to be no simple political admission of this for fear of losing votes from supporters. This is also an attempt to blackmail the affluent and the wealthy into paying the poor an increased proportion of their income in order to avoid their having to pay more in future, if they don't, from ever increasing social costs such as crime, visible poverty and even, perhaps, social revolution. However, these proposals never refer to the fact that most poor choose to be poor precisely because they can always rely on social engineers (ie, charitable mugs) to pay their bills for them. Charities and the poor are mutually corrupt because they're mutually dependent: The poor exploit charity to avoid work; the charitable exploit the poor to evade their own lovelessness. This is the true reason the poor have reduced employment prospects, not the unwillingness of governments to stump up the cash to keep the poor alive & kicking. No matter how much money you give to the poor, they will always want more, since such ethical corruption is always a bottomless pit into which the guilty (those who claim the poor are disadvantaged; ie, not as good as us, really) are always tempted to drop finite resources. You can always get a pint out of a quart pot, after all. The solution is to abolish social welfare altogether. The only way to empower others is to stop calling them disempowered by claiming they need your help because they're inferior. If true, then no attempt at empowerment can ever help anyone since that would be like claiming that a one legged man could grow a second leg and become an Olympic athlete. Such has never happened and never will. The idea that we could ever live in a share and share alike culture is naïve since it's obvious that we live in a dog eat dog; every man for himself one. Such a political change would require such a fundamental realignment of people's attitude to life that they would have to become the leopards that changed their spots. Can anyone suggest a historical epoch in which such a change has ever happened? No, of course not! The only way to end child poverty is to kill all the poor children, to take those poor children into care as a punishment for their parents not working hard to achieve productive goals or to sterilise the poor to reduce their birth-rates.

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