Sunday, 9 March 2008

BBC still ‘hideously white’


'Has the Beeb demonstrated that while its talk a good talk about equality events of late show that its not free of racist basis in its employment practices and its programme output. (Sic)' This has always been the case for race issues as it has always was – and always will be – for gender, sexuality and class issues. The BBC is a white propaganda organisation for the dissemination of lies about how wonderful White People are. It is an arm of government for precisely that purpose; establishing its fraudulent credentials by claiming to be objective, fair and impartial while never providing objective, fair and impartial definitions of these terms nor of what they mean by them. 'The objective was clear the BBC wanted to find evidence of corruption, fraud or anything else that could be used to discredit Lee Jasper former Senior Policy Director of the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.' Obviously, when Whites are found fiscally corrupt, news of this is always downplayed in White Media outlets such as the BBC. Whites must teach a high profile pointer-out of White Racism like Lee Jasper a lesson because They are fed up with their negrophobia constantly being pointed out to Them because of the White Guilt it makes Them experience. Mr Jasper troubles the White Conscience and he must be destroyed in order to regain the racist balance required if Whites are to continue enjoying the unearned benefits of racial privilege in an institutionally racist country like the UK. 'The BBC London team used its vast resources on line (Sic) and radio combined with television to engineer a sense of manufactured crisis around Lee Jasper on (Sic) of the most senior black figures in the United Kingdom and its news reports sought to suggest impropriety and high corruption.' The more important issue is that whatever Whites want to talk about dominates the news agenda of supposedly objective news reporting. The very fact of talking about it is designed to create a "no smoke without fire" atmosphere in which Their fellow Whites will automatically and eventually assume that no matter the lack of evidence, there must be something to all this otherwise why would it be reported so extensively? Few Whites openly state that this is a self fulfilling agenda in which people are allegedly found guilty on the basis of nothing more than unprovable racist allegations – allegations repeated as allegations precisely because They cannot be proven. The most surprising thing here is that evidence against Lee Jasper has not been planted to put him on trial – but we may have that yet to come. This mirrors the fact that racism itself is an unprovable fallacy that Whites continue to believe simply because They wish to, not because They have found any evidence of actual Black inferiority. 'The BBC harassed anyone connected with Lee Jasper including the charity the 1990 Trust whom it recently accused, without a shred of evidence of failing to properly account for project funding received some five years ago.' More of the same racist muckspreading. The issue here is that racism is designed to create a one size fits all approach to racism in that all Blacks are tarred with the same brush if only one is found malfeasant. This is the collective punishment favoured by racists like Adolf Hitler and the present Israeli government. Whites are trying to provide Themselves with an age old justification for judging all Blacks by the worst examples of the race; all Whites by the best since when a White fucks up, it's claimed he's merely a rotten apple, not an exemplar of the entire contents of the barrel. 'The record of the BBC in employing black people in senior positions is a disgrace and the constant downgrading of black presenters within BBC London, their failure to invest in them and recognise their skills and expertise is evidence of the level of institutional racism at the Beeb.' The problem Whites have here is that They cannot allow Blacks to rise to senior positions precisely to protect White racist privileges. And to conceal from Blacks the fact that such privileges exist. The latter is impossible because racism only works in overt mode; making its presence self evident, as here: 'A climate of fear and intimidation has developed at the BBC and many staff feel deeply intimidated by the racism that has been unleashed by the BBC.' 'As on (Sic) young black man said recently "BBC in London is in real danger of being known as the British Broadcaster for Caucasians"'. This is naïve in the extreme since the BBC has always been this.

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