Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mayor's Report: Lee Jasper Responds

Like so many Blacks who believe Whites can change, Lee Jasper is dangerously naïve and politically unsophisticated. For Jasper to claim that his reputation has been 'badly damaged' is purest whining of the basest kind. Only among Whites can a reputation be damaged since Whites assume all Blacks genetically corrupt to begin with such that Blacks can never actually possess a good reputation – no matter how hard they try. Therefore, the reputation of any Black can never be damaged among Whites since a Black with a good reputation cannot possibly exist inside the racist mindset of Whites. Lee Jasper needs to seriously consider what his constituency really is since such damage to his reputation can only occur among Blacks. (Incidentally, 'false allegations' is a semantic solecism since allegations can only ever be true, otherwise they would not exist in the first place! It is only the lack of evidential support that can make them false, not the allegations themselves.) Jasper claims that when Whites talk about 'waste', they're really talking about Black organisational funding. This is more whining. Blacks need to finance their own development from their own hard work & effort and stop relying on Whites, as such, and White Race guilt to help Blacks out. The latter merely contributes to a racist White backlash against anyone with the so called temerity to remind Whites how racist they are. Only by independence can Blacks learn to stand on their own two feet and stop feeding the White racist propaganda machine that says Blacks are incapable of separate development, on their own. Jasper goes on to claim that Whites seek to 'demonise' London's Blacks. Obviously, however, they do not seek to do this since they have already done so – at least in their own minds – for the past seven centuries. In reality, Whites seek to exploit the already existing White view that Blacks are a demonic threat to the alleged superiority of White culture. Lee Jasper here implies that Whites are morally empty, easily led fools when, in addition, they are merely already replete with easily exploitable race hatred. You cannot 'demonise' anyone who's already seen as demonic. Despite the complete absence of evidence of fraud on Lee Jasper's part, he cannot be nearly so ingenuous as he implies he is since he must know full well that Whites believe that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The racist smoke Whites create by the very activity they call racism is precisely designed to allow Whites to falsely claim: "There's no smoke without fire". Bizarrely and stupidly, Jasper believes Whites should be honest about their racism! Clearly, this will be no more the case than a force of terrorists giving the West prior warning of a terrorist outrage! To openly admit to being racist would undermine the very racism Whites seek to perpetrate on their betters. Because Whites need the feelings of superiority that come with being racist it's hardly likely they are going to make it obvious that they are using underhand methods to achieve political advantage. Especially when Whites make such a play of their self willed belief in their own ability to engage in "fair play". The truth is that Whites lack the intellectual development and the morality to justify their racism, which is precisely why they'll be as covert about it as possible. Lee Jasper simply wants a level playing field of racist practice which, since racism is decidedly inegalitarian, is a ridiculous admission of his own inability to spot White Racism when he's confronted with it. In which case, what kind of Race Advisor can such a man really be when he so profoundly misidentifies the real issues at hand.

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