Friday, 25 July 2008

Symposium on DNA Database


'Open to the general public this meeting will look at why 57% of all innocent DNA in London is from black people and discuss (Sic) community leaders are concerns that the National DNA Criminal Database is criminalising (Sic) a community by stealth'. The answer to this question is obvious: Whites are racist and want to place Blacks under their thumb in a vain effort to stave off the inevitable Black backlash against that very racism. This means that the DNA database is not criminalizing Blacks by stealth – White Racism has already done so – this Database is merely an extension of that process. Thus, removing innocent Black people from this national database would defeat its racist purpose and is not, therefore, going to happen. It is a crime prevention measure not a crime curative measure – it seeks to shut the stable door BEFORE the horse has bolted not AFTER. And this can only be achieved by criminalizing Blacks as scapegoats for the failings and the inadequacies of White culture; particularly those concerned with (non existent) crime reduction. It should always be borne in mind that Whites never consider Blacks to be innocent of anything since Blackness is obviously the White Christian God's punishment for sins committed in a past life – at least according to Ham. Using the word "innocent" here suggests Whites judge Blacks by the actions they engage in - as well as those they don't. Whites don't do this. They judge Blacks by their skin colour – it's really that simple. 'Just being on that database suggests that you are involved in criminal activity. This goes against the original purpose of the database, which was to keep records of convicted criminals . (Sic) Something needs to be done as the Government may change the rules on how this technology (Sic) used which may go against us in the future', Bishop Wayne Malcolm Christian Life City Chair in Hackney East London. Needless to say, the good bishop has his head up his anus. The "original purpose" of the database was never revealed to the public otherwise there would have been an outcry at the time. Now that it has been created it is too late to talk about its original purpose: A complete listing of the entire population – regardless of criminal behaviour. Now nothing can be done to prevent this and this database will certainly be used against Blacks – as scapegoats - "in the future" whenever Whites commit more crimes or whenever the White economy goes belly up as it regularly does. 'If you want the BME communities to trust the police and the establishment then they must be open and transparent… It undermines community cohesion and a lot of good work that has been done,' Pastor Desmond Hall, Christian Together in Brent. Another fool who believes Blacks could ever trust a racist police service policing an endemically racist country. One might as well say that there would come a time when parents could ever trust paedophiles. By the way, there's no such thing as "community cohesion" and one would dearly wish to know what "good work" Pastor Hall thinks "has been done". By whom? When? 'It is a travesty that we have to lobby our government and lawmakers to take action to protect the innocent and some of the most vulnerable groups in society. - Olu Alake, president, 100 Black Men of London.' Whites created "[M]ost vulnerable groups in society" for them to have a pool of scapegoats – in perpetuity. This is why Whites are not keen on helping the poor out of poverty; preferring, instead, to condition them to it via a welfare system designed to institutionalise the condition. Moreover, governments are not concerned with the protection of the innocent but with the apportionment of blame. No matter what folly governments involve themselves in, they never take the blame for any mistakes that they make. Innocence itself is no protection against the predatory nature of Whites – you must expose their racism at every turn to exploit the race guilt the more fully for the benefit of Blacks. 'The recent massive expansion of the DNA database is not helping to solve more crimes, but rather threatening the rights o (Sic) those who have been arrested and have their DNA on the database indefinitely.' It was never designed to do the former – only to give the impression that it could. The same is true of identity cards, which are designed to allow the police to harass Blacks. The threat here is designed to show Blacks that, as far as Whites are concerned, Blacks have less human rights than Whites - and Blacks had better get used to it. Ultimately, there is no argument here to refute the usual White canard that if you have nothing to hide, and are as innocent as you say you are, then what's the problem? The problem, of course, is Whites using skin colour as a metric of character – as they have always done.

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