Thursday, 30 October 2008


'It's a shame to see [MBPA] opposing the Met [in no longer encouraging Blacks to join the Met], and a greater shame that if you are white and heterosexual in certain settings, then you have nobody to speak for you'.

the above quote is the kind of profound ignorance that bedevils Whites are their burden of guilt and shame over their racism. it's difficult to see in which 'certain settings' one could ever change one's skin colour, political affilaiations or sexuality! wosre, it's impossible to imagine Whites with no-one to speak for them when they are constantly speaking for themselves and have organisations that also do this on their behalf. just because it's unusual for Whites to establish organisations without using the qualfier White does not mean that an insititionally-racist orgnisation like the uk police service does not speak for whites. the very racism poijnted-out in the macpherson report is that such organisations spek for Whites in a de facto sense - they do not speak for all. if they did then they wuold not be racist. this is yet another example oif the White whinging tendency that says that any complaints from Blacks about Wite racism are simply attempts by Blacks to racialy-segregate and obtain special privielges in so doing. yet this is what Whites do in claiming that no-one speaks for them when the entire culture of the uk does so. this comment is racism that pretends not to see the racism inherent in the comment and in the wider culture commented upon.

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