Friday, 20 February 2009

An Overview of "Hating Whitey," Part 1

'…[T]he poisoning of the civil rights movement into an anti-white movement…' This was always an 'anti white' movement. It is impossible to love your enemy since they ultimately wish you dead. Only by hating them with productive anger can you ever hope to defeat them. No White ever loved the rapist of his own daughter so why would any Black do so? Such a claim reflects the White fear that Blacks seek rightful payback for the institutionally racist nature of White culture. Moreover, Whites are so scared of this they condemn any attempt by Blacks to defend themselves such that Blacks must allow themselves to be killed in order to be more moral than White racists. If the situation were reversed, no White would ever do this - and never has. '…[T]he inclusion of [Elijah] Muhammad within the Civil Rights museum he saw… as symbolic of a conflict within the Civil Rights Movement'. There is no conflict; these are merely two sides of the same coin. Only a racist would say otherwise because he is frightened of Black revenge for White racism. Whites want to embrace Black pacifists since Whites believe they will be let off having to pay the inevitable price for White racism – being racially abused themselves. Whites would never accuse a raped White woman of being immoral if she came to hate men, so this argument is merely special pleading for Whites. Sauce-for the gander is always terrifying but, when the jig is up, inevitable. Whites simply have to accept reality, grow up and face the music. Blacks will do to Whites what anyone versed in human nature would do if Whites had done it to them and no attempts to control Blacks with fallacious arguments about moral superiority will prevail here. The attempt is itself racist and proof of how much Whites like Horowitz really hate and fear Blacks for their righteous wrath. A '…racist vision of black superiority to whites that seeks not to unify the races but to lift African-Americans above others'. Blacks are superior to Whites because Blacks have little history of exploiting others because of their skin color. Whites have historically been the racist race and this has so poisoned their culture that they can conceive of no other means of seeing the world. Ask a White if he would prefer to be born a rich Black or a poor White, he will answer the latter. He knows full well how racist his culture is and the challenges naïve Blacks face in such a culture (if they do not recognize it for what it is) and would never wish to experience it himself. At least if you are born a poor White you can work hard and be judged by your behavior more than by your phenotype. No Black actually wants to be equal with Whites since that would prove a lack of ambition: Whites are not shining examples of best behavior given their intense materialism, pornography, sexual promiscuity, high divorce rates, alcoholism, obesity, etc. 'The irrational hatred of America in general, and of white America in particular' is not explained. Why is it irrational to hate racists? Why, when Blacks experience racism everyday, is it irrational to suppose Whites institutionally racist? If this were not so, why does no White ever wish he were born Black? 'Suppose, for example, that the mothers of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman had authored… "Black America Taught Our Children's Killer to Hate Whites?"' There would be no need to author such a piece since there is no evidence of systemic racism on the part of Blacks against Whites. Blacks are a minority, so it would be impossible for them to have the racially institutionalizing affects of Whites on Whites, even if all of 12 million of them were racist. That would be the very racial paranoia that Horowitz is hypocritically condemning. '...[I]t is worth repeating that this is the only country in the world where children are indoctrinated from pre-school days that racism is morally wrong…' Not only is this not the only country where this is so, it's also worth repeating that what you learn at school is less important than what you learn at home. If your parents are racist, you will almost certainly not wish to go against them in preference to your schooling since that is not the way in which impressionable children work, psychologically. There is also the point that White children, like White adults, do not wish to be born Black, no matter what anti racist indoctrination they receive; proving the innate bias of White culture against Black. 'America is not a racist country'. Proving a negative is metaphysically impossible, so there can never be any evidence whatsoever for this. 'Horowitz acknowledges the presence of racists in America but argues that the populace at large regards such bigotries as intolerable'. Would polygraph tests of this so called majority actually demonstrate this claim to be true? They would not! '…[H]ate crimes can only be committed against minorities'. This same racist double standard says Blacks are inferior to Whites. It is a sobering example of Whites getting a dose of the own medicine. They should welcome it as a chance to learn what it is like to be on the receiving end of such double standards and so prevent them in the future. Isn't this a common lesson responsible parents teach their children? Obviously, this is not a lesson applicable to Whites and is more of the same racist double standard. Horowitz wishes only to abolish the double standard against Whites, not that prevailing against Blacks. Hate crime laws seek to punish Whites – the instigators of racism – not racism itself since, like terrorism, it is not possible to wage war against an abstraction. Only against the people who practice it. Whites know no other way other than the philosophy of Us and Them – as this blog eminently proves as it still ploughs that political furrow. '[O]nly whites can be racist…' This has been historically the case for at least the past 700 years. If Blacks are racist, this has little effect on Whites since there are so few Blacks in America compared to Whites. The number of White racists will, by definition, always vastly outnumber the number of Black. This is not an instigation to hate crimes, since racists are already racist and will always be so – like pedophiles. If one were potentially incitable to gas Jews, one would be very unlikely to do so unless one had a pre existing disposition to act that way. 'Horowitz demonstrates how intellectuals provide the theoretical backing to justify violence toward whites'. Violence toward Whites is perfectly justified so long as Whites remain racist. One does not see Whites staying their hand when it comes to Muslims in far off lands, for example, so why would Blacks be any different? Such a contention is just more White racist double standards and the self created fear of the Negro. '…[B]lack rage… only serves to inspire racist ideas -- that blacks are dangerous or uncivilized…' No, it also serves to show that Blacks are possessed of righteous anger, as the White invaders of Iraq & Afghanistan claim. Racism is always a judgement upon one's skin color, not upon one's behavior. This blog author actually believes that if Blacks behave differently, Negrophobes like himself will treat them better! If this were the case, racism would not be called racism it would be called something like behaviorism! Because racism is immoral there can be no reason why anti racism should be any different. It is a dog eat dog, every man for himself world, after all; and to the victor go the spoils. Because this blog author does not define racism, objectively, he tacitly admits to a fundamental lack of understanding of the basic issues so that both he and David Horowitz are racists. The most racially paranoid are always those with White skin as they instigate the very hate crimes they pretend to castigate.

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