Thursday, 26 February 2009

Some Illegal are Criminals

Difficult not to resist responding to this one from the racist National Policy Institute. Here the writer is so concerned to appear to be not racist that he ends up giving away the fact that he very much is. Rather than say all illegals are criminals (in case it is said that all Whites are racist) he simply states that some are – although no attempt is made to estimate the size of the problem. Of course, one could pick any group and claim that some are criminals: Whites, lesbians & Christians, for example. This is merely a statement of the obvious that offers us no more information than we already had. No more information that a reasonably well educated child would not surmise without having to take a good, hard look at the reality outside of hit head. And herein lies the problem; it is the reality inside the head of the writer that is being exposed – not a rational analysis of the actual, external situation. The writer simply revels in his racial prejudices and his desperate attempts to pathologize all immigrants as somehow natural born offenders. The statement only makes sense when you realize he's trying to say that only illegal migrants are criminals – not all migrants. The final nail in the straw of this writer's intellectual credibility is simply the fact that the statement is illogical. Illegal immigration is a criminal offence in the United States and so being an illegal immigrant is proof that one has broken the law. Therefore, "All Illegals are Criminals" would be a much more rational statement to have made in the circumstances. Racists are clever in their use of words as a means of evading their true meaning in relation to reality - as the title of this article proves. However, such a misuse of language always rebounds on the misuser. English is obviously not this person's first language.

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