Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Banking hypocrite Maxine Waters

The most revealing quote: 'Wait ’til she starts beating them over the head with the race card. It’s worked for decades.'

Michelle Malkin is an interesting example of a White racist in her claim that any complaint made by a Black about White racism is automatically invalid because it is simply playing the so called Race Card. This is meant to mean that there are no White racists – only Blacks with chips on their shoulders; specific details do not have to be gone into because Black are less credible than Whites like Malkin. This excuses Whites from ever having to listen to Blacks – a goal they have always had on their political agenda. This is what Malkin really means by the expression: 'Culture of corruption', that all Blacks are automatically corrupt. This is why she continually whines on about Black skin color, which she would not do if the corrupt person were White.

Claiming others are playing a/the race card, without evidence, is itself racist - as is mocking Blacks for pointing out the simple fact that Whites tend to be racist towards Blacks. Malkin attempts to redefine racism as Black behaviour unacceptable to Whites when it has always been about skin colour unacceptable to Whites – regardless of behaviour.

Michelle Malkin's fear is of a Black behaving in a supposedly uppity manner toward a White, since what Malkin says counts for less than the way she says it. She believes Blacks need to learn their "Place". When Whites behave in a similar manner, they are rarely criticized for being rude or peddling their race – this is simply assumed.

(Another good example of this hypocrisy would be that affirmative action for Whites [ie White racism] is never used against a White to explain his rise to any form of power or success. However, it is always used against a Black, if they happen to achieve anything Whites disagree with. When a White politician is bad, it is because he is bad; when it is a Black one, it is because he is Black. Whites never complain about affirmative action for themselves – only for Blacks.)

Historically, Whites have been the greatest race hustlers in history; relying on their skin color and phenotypy laws and cultural practices to provide them with unearned privileges at the expense of others. Yet, Malkin derides other people for engaging in the same racist acts her antecedents engaged in and with which she is currently embroiled herself. There is also a frustrated attempt to blame Blacks here for the failing US economy, despite their comparatively small numbers in the West.

If this Blog had simply represented Maxine Waters as ethically corrupt – without reference to her skin color – this critique would not apply. However, racist Whites simply cannot resist the opportunity to engage in the selfsame race baiting of which they accuse others. (The venal, themselves, always claim that others are corrupt to evade their own immorality.)

The threat here for Whites is that they will have to accept that they possess unearned privileges. And, worse, must renounce them in order to prevent the Black payback that they fear more than anything else, as well as the fact that Whites are still emotionally crippled by the legacy of their own culture's racism.

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