Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Londonistan Rising

Everything you say here also applies to Christian attitudinising; hence, your bizarre conclusions lack any empirical evidence to back them up. Never in human history has any country ever experienced a state within a state and you never explain why one should occur now – unless it is the result of separatist White racism. Unlike the United States, the UK possesses no ethnic minority ghettoes nor does it countenance no go areas. You should come here and see how the land lies before claiming the UK is going to the dogs because of ethnic incompatibilities.

The numbers of Muslims you say represent a possible threat equates to 0.1 per cent of the UK Muslim population. You never talk about white extremists like combat 18 or the British National Party, despite the fact that there are far greater numbers of them – at least 14,000. Of course, such groups are not threats to Whites, so are discounted by them as not worthy of consideration. Accommodations for Semites have existed in the UK since at least 1970, and if it was not a threat then it is not one now. Moreover, it is noticeable that you rarely quote non White, Western news sources favourably despite the fact that such White sources are very much in the minority. You clearly believe, in the absence of any real evidence, that the Western world is the sole purveyor of truth in a benighted world. In addition, given your inherent racism, you have the cheek to wonder why those who do not think, act and talk like you have little fellow feeling for you.

Whites hold on for dear life to the pure and invariant categories of Good and Bad. Keeping them apart and unambiguously distinct, helps us retain a reassuring infantile fantasy of safety, order and certainty. The non concept of Race lends itself well to this splitting process. Imagined as fundamentally unlike us, the racialized other becomes the perfect receptacle into which we are free to project all the wishes, impulses and longings that we cannot bear to see in our ethnic group or ourselves. In other words, racism allows us to be all-good because there is someplace outside of us to put the bad.

This is nothing more than one sided, shrill, paranoid, out of proportion and anti Semitic ranting because the culture of the West is changing in ways that are unpredictable to dogmatic mindsets such as yours. Your argument is essentially along religious lines, not nationalist ones, since it allows you never to develop the imagination to see any non Christian, non White as patriotic. And you fear that these developments will take away your unearned White privileges that were never going to last forever, let's face it, any more than the 'Thousand Year Reich' did.

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