Wednesday, 29 September 2010

'What is White culture?'

Although this article is essentially correct, where it goes wrong is in assuming that there can be such people as White 'middle-class liberals', since such a phrase is a non-sequitur. To be middle-class one has to be insensitive to the feelings of others since the middle-class is simply a buffer between the upper- and lower-classes - to protect the former from contact with the latter. Its existence is therefore conditional and not rooted in anything other than aping the aristocracy that they will never be admitted to actually enter. This breeds resentment among the middle-class that is directed against the lower-class rather than against those who encouraged such resentment - the upper-class. This is done by offering the lower-class inadequate education, poor social and welfare services, spaces from which they are excluded, labeling them "underclass" & "Chavs", ignoring their political concerns, etc. Thus, the middle-class can never be liberal and liberals can never be middle-class. This explains the condescension among those middle-class who pretend to care for the poor or for that of ethnic minorities - it is nothing more than the pretence of being fully human; assuming the appearance of wolves in sheep's clothing. The writer himself stresses this fact by using the expression 'liberal racism' - an oxymoron if ever there was one.

The liberal is simply an attention-seeker who claims his needs supersede others because of his affective dysfunction - caused by the poor parenting skills of the middle-class. Whites want to be the savior of the world by, paradoxically destroying as much of it as they possibly can in order to create a single world order dominated by Whites. This is the essential White pathological disturbance that this article really refers to: White Culture as such. White culture is essentially a culture based on the fear of difference and the fear that this essence will be seen by those labeled different and mocked for its quintessential emptiness.

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