Saturday, 28 August 2010

‘Obama’s Blackness’


Whites are reverting to type - as one would expect when their economic system is in the doldrums. Whites then turn their anger, not against their own unearned economic privilege, but against those they deem genetically inferior.

It is obvious that the only issue confronting US Whites here is their current president's skin color - otherwise why only use the coded White supremacism of the Tea Party to discuss his failings. No White president ever had to contend with anyone referring to his skin color negatively, after all.

US Whites' longer-range fear is of becoming a democratic minority and of Blacks seeking revenge for White supremacism - a belief that the majority will should always prevail, no matter how irrational. Despite denials that White privilege even exists, it is proven by the fact that Whites believe Blacks to be such a threat - a belief that White privilege itself confers. This is what lies behind the idea that President Obama is not really a US citizen because, as analogously believed in the UK, to be a true US citizen you have to be White. (Everyone else is merely a guest who can be asked to leave at any time, by the so-called host Whites, when the multicultural party - that never really began - is over.)

The basic problem for Whites is that their paranoid/schizophrenia is such that it leads them to believe anything Blacks do is somehow directed against White survival - when, in fact, White supremacism is the only real threat to the survival of Whites. This is what makes White supremacism impossible to eradicate since it is a self-fulfilling need for attention and for someone to act the scapegoat for Whites' own failings. Whites say Blacks are inferior - without proof - so treat them as such. Blacks react as any human being would and thus become a threat to Whites. Whites thus have a self-created reason to fear Blacks because of the very desire for revenge Whites tried to implant in Blacks in the first place via White supremacism. This, for example, explains why so many Whites left South Africa after apartheid was abolished. As with 9/11, itself, Whites are forever haunted by the fact that you reap what you sow. Without White supremacism, Whites would have no basis for their culture and, thus, no culture. But they would also have no fear of others and, hence, a basis for the establishing of a worthwhile culture - which they currently do not have.

Whites are guiltily uncomfortable with their own supremacism - although it benefits them economically and psychologically; albeit in the short term. They desperately try to deny the fact that without it they would be just like any other member of the human race and not as special as they would like to appear. They would also then have to learn to stand on their own two feet - in a grownup manner. Rather than play the race card by discriminating against a minority of Westerners who cannot be blamed for much since they are only a minority. In a democracy, majority-will prevails - only White supremacists believe the few can defeat the many; proving they are schizophrenic and explaining their overwhelming desire for majoritarian political systems with strict immigration controls for non-Whites.

But Whites facing facts will never happen, because Whites would then have to face the fact that so much of their cultural success is due to skin color rather more so than actual ability. The fact that the Tea Party is taken seriously by Whites proves that skin pigment - for Whites - trumps rational debate.

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