Tuesday, 10 August 2010

‘British Values’


The usual White supremacist, social engineering nonsense about the impact of immigration but none about the effects of emigration or live births as if immigration were the only challenge regarding population flows. This is not a balanced approach, which is why Balanced Migration will never work - it is impossible to equalise the rate of emigration with that of immigration.

These people are merely trying to steal the thunder of the BNP with White whining of their own. These are simply a different variety of White supremacists trying desperately to conceal their White supremacism by attacking the BNP.

The worst aspect of this rot is as follows:

‘Defending British values.’ What are British values? We are not told.

'Britain has a long proud history.' However, what does Britain actually have to be proud of? We are not told. ‘Over the centuries, Britain has stood as beacon for liberty and tolearnace (Sic), and against bigotry, extremism and authoritarianism.’ No examples are given of this and, indeed, few (if any) exist. After all, the British Empire, the North Atlantic Slave Trade (& the still-existing institutional racism that made it acceptable to Whites) & refusing to allow Jews into the UK to escape from the Nazis, for example, are hardly beacons of 'tolearance (Sic)'.

‘We believe in British values.’ What are British values? We are still not told.

‘Being British is about your values, not your race.’ There is only one human race, so which "other" race is being referred to here? ‘While the BNP believes in racial prejudice and division, we believe in fairness, decency and standing up for the little guy.’ Yet, the BNP represent the White supremacism inherent in British culture. Stop & Search, legal custody & school exclusions for Blacks at twice the rate for Whites - with no evidence that Blacks are any more anti-social than Whites. Mental incarceration for Blacks at five times the rate for Whites - with no evidence that Blacks are any more prone to mental illness than Whites. And Blacks twice as likely to be refused employment by Whites simply for being Black. Where exactly, is the ‘fairness’ and ‘decency’ in these common examples?

‘We believe in a United Kingdom.’ Since the UK actually exists it is not a matter of belief but a matter of fact. What is not stated here is why it should continue to exist.

‘We believe Britain is a union of different peoples, and tolerates (Sic) differences.’ All the evidence available suggests the opposite because of the endemic social, cultural and gender snobbery deeply embedded in White culture. In any case, tolerance is not the same as acceptance and without the latter there can only be multi-culture. ‘The BNP believes in segregation, that recent immigrants are second class citizens, and in turning the people of our country against each other.’ This is, in fact, a perfect description of White culture: The BNP simply reflects the truth about Whites, not any beliefs about them.

‘We believe in Britain.’ Since Great Britain actually exists it is not a matter of belief but a matter of fact. What is not stated here is why it should continue to exist.

‘We are proud of Britain's unique contribution to the world: Parliament, the English language and football.’ Democracy was invented by the Greeks so it is nothing for the British to be proud of. The English language did not originate here; it is an Indo-European tongue that originated in Sanskrit - an Indian language. If soccer is all the British have to offer the world, then God help them. ‘The BNP is ashamed of our history and institutions.’ On the contrary, the BNP upholds them: Cultural, gender & social snobbery. ‘It hates our Queen, thinks we were on the wrong side in World War II and wants Britain to shut itself off from the world.’ Only the latter point is unusual to the BNP since Whites are overwhelmingly parochial.

‘Times are difficult. It's hard to get a job. Violent crime is on the rise. Politicians don't seem to care about the problems of ordinary families.’ These things are always true since there is no such thing as easy times, crime will always rise as the population does and politicians have never cared about the ‘problems of ordinary families’ - that is not, in fact, their job. Their job is to manage the courts; the police; and, themselves while the rest of us get on with caring about our own problems. After all, political meddling in any economy always creates more problems than it solves. State education has increased illiteracy; state healthcare has increased ill health; and, progressive taxation has increased poverty – for example.

‘But if the BNP thinks that means the British people are going to vote for them, they've got another thing (Sic) coming.’ Whites will never openly support the BNP in large numbers, but they will always cling to the benefits of White privilege that the BNP stand for by not risking their lives to fight it. ‘Britain fights fascism, it doesn't vote for it.’ Britain has been a fascistic state for the past 500 years - it is not necessary to vote for something that is already in place - no matter whom you vote for.

The single word that sums up White culture is Xenophobic. This is why White culture is in decline: There are no more imperial possessions to exploit; no more slaves to whip; and, an unwillingness to trade with – rather than aid – the Third World.

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