Tuesday, 10 August 2010

BNP are a fact of life

So are paedophiles and rapists but one does not hear Whites saying this since they do not wish to openly admit their political amorality in so doing. Moreover, no White ever suggests that the existence of pedophiles means we should debate with them.

Of course the BNP are a fact of life – that is not the issue. The issue is what is to be done about them since they are anti-democrats in a democracy. To say otherwise is to side with the BNP. It is the stupidity of White politicians which is also a fact of life that needs dealing with.

What is to be debated with White supremacists? They want Blacks to agree to accept second-class citizenship status which Blacks are never going to accept so there is nothing to discuss! I would love to see White parents engaging in discussion with pedophiles about access to their children. No sane person ever engages in a discussion from which they can gain nothing and lose something - so such a debate is pointless. If Whites do not already know that White supremacism is mad, then they are: There is nothing to be exposed via debate here. Such a debate can only lead to Auschwitz, since it implicitly accepts that White supremacists have a point that should be argued: Thereby valorising their point-of-view by definition. It is not a debate White supremacists want, but the debate itself, since it gives them the implicit credibility that they otherwise lack. It is not the BNP who are a fact of life but White supremacism that is when it claims Blacks must tolerate White supremacists - at the risk to their lives - while Whites can engage in the nonsense of free speech that does not ostensibly endanger White lives. Whites, after all, openly refuse to deal with terrorists that threaten their lives even though freedom fighters have a valid point-of-view and debate is the only realistic means of dealing with them.

The debate about White supremacism has already been had and ended in 1945 with the murder of 6,000,000 Jews. The debate has now moved on to what is to be done about White supremacists not what is to be done with them. Whites still cannot move on from the nineteenth-century Darwinist mind-set that sees Blacks as closer to the simian than the human. What Whites want is to appease White supremacists - as they did Hitler - which can only serve White interests. It is a protection racket but as Rudyard Kipling said: The Danegeld never got rid of the Dane. The demand for a debate with White supremacists is only ever made by White supremacists since they are the only group advantaged by such a debate - which is precisely why they want it.

Worst of all, Black people are also a fact of life, but nowhere here is there the claim that the BNP have to come to terms with this simple fact of life. If there were, then the whole premiss of the argument would fall flat on its face. In other words, the author believes that the BNP has more political rights that Blacks to be openly intolerant: Rights that Whites would never give to Blacks.

To repeat: When Whites debate with those who threaten their children (eg, paedophiles & terrorists), Blacks will consider debating with those who threaten theirs (eg, White supremacists).

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