Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Obesity costs billions

The usual empty-headed nonsense from someone who has no understanding of either human nature or her own.

There are no 'guarantors of children's health' save the behaviour of children themselves – and their parents and cultural influences. There is no discussion here as to why people over-eat in the West and so this can only lead to the very nanny-statism that leads to greater obesity. Obesity results from a nanny state that offers nothing but miserable, unquestioning obedience to authority along with their choice to leave the locus of control for their own wellbeing outside of themselves - with the state; resulting in the state being the nanny in place of rational individual choice. This is exacerbated by the state providing the very opportunity to make the nannying choice in order to increase its own power. The state can only obtain power at the expense of individual will, after all – the more power the state possesses, the less power the individual has; and vice versa. This is a vicious circle of dependency praised by the author of this article who would condemn the selfsame activity when it comes to welfare benefits which also produce nannyism and dependency for those who make the choice to accept both as their fate in life.

This article contains the usual middle-class whinging and whining that comes from paying through the nose for welfare for the poor and then resenting the poor for not making the best of things. The problem is always choice, which no government in history has ever been able to gainsay – not even dictatorships. So long as the poor choose to be poor, there are no social policies that can be introduced to do a damn about it. The middle-class need to get a life or find someone else to condescend to that can make them look more like the charitable folk that they are clearly not. The middle-class are resentful that it will cost them billions – they care nothing for the health of the poor – if they did, the NHS would never have been established since it encourages curative, not preventive, care. The middle-class are vile hypocrites who want centralised government controlled by their power-loving diktats, but not the inevitable consequences – dependency and economic decline.

The solution is simply to abandon the NHS and go back to the situation pertaining before it was ever mooted, where health was a matter of the survival of those who choose to be the fittest. Given almost universal suffrage, the problem for the middle-class is how to win the votes of the poor by taking away the very things that will secure the support of the poor. This is a square that can never be circled and so the only option remaining is blaming the victim – which has been tried for centuries and will never work because it has never worked because it can never work.

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