Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dear Black South Africa!

Enough Hypocrisy!

Bizarre, self-contradictory rant that talks about an ideal world rather than the real one.

Being tired of making White South Africans feel at home means that one has accepted responsibility for this - else why would one be tired? This is the same kind of Black hypocrisy this author accuses Whites of.

Whites have never put their South African‑ness before their whiteness unless Blacks have ever been required to forget all about Apartheid. And, as they say, he who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.

Claiming Whites share no intimate connection with Europe is nonsense. If true, Whites would have changed to suit the situation in South Africa and not aped European ways - especially by creating Apartheid. The intimate connection they feel is, essentially, homesickness: Their tacit realization that they are not at home in Africa and never will be. (Isn't Africa the White Man's Graveyard, after all?)

Clearly, there is stigma attached to being White in South Africa (remember Apartheid?). Whites are not trusted by Blacks because Whites have shown a historical predilection for White supremacy in all of the 52 White-dominated countries in the world – no exceptions Not only this, but the shame and guilt Whites feels exacerbates the racism they frequently express; making them inherently untrustworthy, not as individuals, but as a culture. This is why so many Whites have left South Africa: Their paranoiac fear of Black revenge for what Whites have done in the past, in the full moral knowledge that it was, and is, wrong. Yet Blacks in the United States never went on the feared vendetta after the emancipation of the Slaves – such fears were merely expressions of what Whites would have done if the situation had been reversed; ie, White Projection & Displacement of their own immorality onto others.

No-one has an unqualified right to practice their culture if it is at the expense of another. Only Whites believe this nonsense. A Black who believes it would welcome the return of Apartheid, if Whites decided it was their right to have it back.

In truth, everyone bears responsibility for the behavior of those who claim to belong to their culture, when all the members of that culture receive a benefit from that behavior. To claim otherwise is to engage in moral evasion. All Whites bear responsibility for White supremacy because they all benefit from it – not just the White supremacists. All Blacks bear responsibility for Black supremacy (if it exists) because they can all benefit from it. Each group must explain what it is doing to root out any cultural defects, since no culture is perfect. That is not happening in this article nor in the country.

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