Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Obama vs. Whiteness


The problem of color is always the biggest challenge faced by non-Whites in a White supremacist culture.

Whites do not believe non-Whites are truly US citizens - and never will. This needs repeating to ensure present and future generations get the message that Whites cannot be trusted because they will always favor positive discrimination for themselves (ie, White supremacy) and not for anyone else (ie, Anti-Racism).

There needs to be a movement on from stating the obvious simply for the sake of stating the obvious to offering ethnic minorities a game-plan for survival and achievement.

For Whites, the skin pigmentation of President Obama is his most important characteristic. This is proven by the fact that Whites constantly mention it - something they have never done for any other United States (US) president. (His skin colour is also why he has received more death threats than any other president.)

Whites are terrified that President Obama will do more for Blacks because he is Black, even though politicians usually do more for the people who voted for them than anyone else. It would be absurd not to help your supporters and turn to your enemies, after all. But Whites are hypocritical about this since they vote for White politicians precisely because they expect to be helped more than non-White voters.

The political policies of President Obama are less important to Whites - these are simply attacked to disguise the fact that his skin color is more than his policies. This is also why Whites refer to him as “Mixed-Race” because the idea that there is some “White” in him comforts them that he is not as allegedly genetically-inferior as Whites would assume what they call a “Pure-Race” Black is.

But “Mixed-Race” implies “Pure-Race” - a bulwark of Nazi ideology. Because Blacks come in many different shades (as do Whites), Whites know that miscegenation has a long history in the US; meaning they know that many White politicians have had to literally Whitewash their family trees to avoid the social and political ostracism attendant upon having any Black family members. No White politician is “Pure-Race” any more than any other politician would be, yet Whites still peddle the myth that some phenotypes are pure, or purer, than others - and President Obama does not belong to the pure category because “Mixed-Race” means not as bad as those really black Blacks - but still never as good as pure Whites.

It is also important to recognize that Whites who vote for him are motivated by shame about the genocidal nature of the US as well as the desperate belief that by voting for a Black man they can somehow absolve themselves of the attendant guilt. Whites contradict themselves by pretending that the moral stain of White supremacy has now - somehow - been washed away by voting for someone on the basis of their skin color (rather than on the basis of their policies). Whites simultaneously claim they are no longer racist while voting according to race - like the White who says they do not see skin color, but only ever says that they do not to people of color.

US Whites have decided on perpetual war, so government spending has to be cut for everything except the war machine. Whites are the most violent people on Earth, so only they will vote for the Grand Old Party (GOP) to keep their Bond-villain like delusions of world-dominating grandeur alive. But White culture is erotophobic, so it reproduces at a lower rate than ethnic minorities; rendering such dreams impossible of achievement.

Better to start such articles with a bulleted list of Whiteness before proceeding to the real issues. Otherwise ethnic minorities are doomed to waste their time focusing upon people they do not like which, historically, usually means becoming like them - as the Zionists have become regarding the Palestinians in Israel.

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