Monday, 6 August 2012

A Woman’s Orgasm Can Save a Man

Classic tale-wagging-the-dog from Whites who love to confuse sex with desire; need with love.

The issue here is not that men cannot give women orgasms, but that they do not want to because they fear a woman’s sexual pleasure will liberate here to have sex with partners with a better sexual technique because women want sex more than men. Women collude in this by getting angry when men look at and/or fantasize about other women, rather than coming to terms with their own sexual inadequacies in these areas.

Women’s pleasure also produces feelings of jealousy and fear in insecure men who believe personal relationships are all about give and take. If the woman gets more pleasure, then the man has been socially-conditioned to feel cheated of his enjoyment.

Too many men lust after women not for the pleasure they can share, but for the joy they can take or give; resulting in politics being introduced into the bedroom, while spontaneity and sharing fly out the bedroom window. Sex then becomes mutual masturbation and nothing more.

Gynophobic men wish to keep women in sexual ignorance to make it far more easy to control them by suggesting that no other man would be better and that any experimentation on their part would amount to sluttishness and resultant social ostracism. Thus, women must keep their sex lives a secret - even from each other; resulting in a quality of sexual enjoyment that is inversely-proportional to the quantity of sexual experience.

This is how White men control White women and try to ensure regular sexual contacts without the necessity to improve as a sexual partner in the real world of sexual competition. This relates to the White male fear of Black men, given that Whites clearly see that Blacks are not emotionally- and sexually-repressed - as Whites are.

Deep down, White women know that White men are scared of the cunt because of their often quite pronounced mother fixations and homosexuality. Making a woman come will not boost male confidence, it will give men the sense that women’s body are machines that can be manipulated as easily as cars or computers. It will not make them more loving, tender or psychologically secure.

White boys are having problems growing-up in the West because they are attracted to the safe world of pornography and computer games where embarrassment, shame and guilt are sublimated. These things then become increasingly popular in a vicious cycle of sexual-health decline.

You can teach any amount of technique, but you cannot teach desire. This is why Pandas are so difficult to mate in captivity as well as in the wild; suggesting that Whites are becoming something of a living fossil because of the destructive affects of Christian a-sensuality and need for social control in order to obtain any converts at all. For Blacks, of course, this is of great benefit since it means less Whites being born and, thus, less White supremacy.

In the end, if you have to give remedial classes in such things as parenting, then you know the point of no return has already been reached and that, therefore, such curative solutions are not real solutions at all. Better to employ preventives that abolish all the Freudian and Christian nonsense about sex and give children all the prophylaxis and contraception they need.

Whites know this is never going to happen because White self-repression is endemic and so sharing sexual pleasure becomes harder than climbing Mount Everest.

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