Sunday, 5 August 2012

White Culture

Don’t Buy into It...

Whites are scared that their culture is finally going down the toilet of history, so now they seek to gain attention by being as provocative as they can about how superior they are despite the decline. They see no other way to deal with their failings other than to pretend that they do not really exist while, simultaneously, concluding that they are caused by others.

Creating victims via inappropriate aggression - where none would normally exist - is essential to Whites. Otherwise, they would have no-one to contrast themselves with nor to feel superior towards.

Whites love this sort of rubbish and it is, therefore, essential reading for Blacks since it shows them what Whites are really like - under the skin; saving them the necessity of getting to know any Whites to ensure ones distaste of them is factually based so that Whites cannot counter any accusations of White supremacy laid against Whites by saying that the (Black) accusers do not know any White people.

That so many White women (teachers) read the newspaper is proof of how retarded they are and explains why the UK education system is in the mess it is in.

This is the kind of bile that Whites will produce given that their culture is based on self-hatred and the resulting self-delusion. This is why Whites rarely read non-White newspapers, in case they see themselves as others see them, which would be even more frightening than the content of The Daily Mail.

The other unstated problem here is that print journalism is dying; hence, the desperation to maintain - and possibly even increase - circulation by printing White self-indulgence in the only form of expression open to the volitionally emotionally-repressed and the only non-spontaneous ethnic group: The claim that the world owes it a living by accepting second-class citizenship as a birthright so that Whites can be superior by default and with as little effort as possible. This is Whites letting off steam because of the workaday mundanity of their insular lives.

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