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Caucasian Extremism

It can’t be racist if Whites say it isn’t

Do Whites Ever Grow Up?

The Problem with Whites

The problem with Whites is that White supremacy necessitates such a radical disconnect from reality (schizophrenia) that Whites lack basic information about human nature such that they cannot solve the very human problems Whites cause. This makes Whites fundamentally insincere because they then become too stupid to know just how stupid they really are.

White Failure

In the above article, the writer does not tell the reader what the colossal issues posed by Islamic terrorism actually are. They are the fact that Whites cannot win the War on Terror except by imposing racist, Totalitarian laws (internment-without-trial, regular beatings, the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason, police harassment, etc) - and then blaming all non-Whites - for their problems; thereby, revealing, once and for all, the true nature of White culture. How to be racist while appearing to be better than others while pretending to respect other cultures. This is the classic White problem posed by Whites’ lack of a cultural identity - an inner void Whites fill with White supremacy.

White Desperation

The author claims that White, Western society is currently engaging in self-scrutiny (ie, desperately trying to figure out why Whites are losing the War on Terror) while never once mentioning why terrorism exists in the first place: White supremacy. Such scrutiny only extends as far as the end of the White man’s nose - never beyond and is mere psychological narcissism and political solipsism.

Whites are alleged to be civilised, yet few People of Color (POC) would agree, since there can be no evidence for such a claim from a culture based on White supremacy. White culture has standards - presumably higher than anyone else’s - while no convincing evidence for their existence is provided. Attacking Iraq for no reason, torturing people just because they are Muslim and White police officers operating an unstated shoot-to-kill policy are not the mark of anything that any rational person could call civilised. But Whites never let reality get in the way of their delusions.

Collective Noun for Caucasians: An Hypocrisy of Whites

The writer is typical of Whites in believing that anyone not agreeing with them is stupid or pernicious. He is upset precisely because he knows it is not the responsibility of Imams to prevent Islamic terrorism - anymore than it is the responsibility of Catholic priests to prevent Republican terrorism in Northern Ireland.

Such responsibilities belong only to those who cause problems; those Whites provoking it by meddling in the internal affairs of Muslim and Arab countries for generations. Trying to get others to solve ones own problems is the mark of a social welfare parasite and a column-dodger. Such a fatuous political position proves Whites powerless to prevent chickens coming home to roost; while placing their own responsibilities on the shoulders of the victims of their White supremacy.

This argument - to be consistent - must mean that since most pedophiles, alcoholics and serial killers are White - Whites have a responsibility to deal effectively with the fact that they have created such people in their (so-called) civilization. But Whites never ask for such efforts from other Whites since that would be tantamount to racial treason - one of the real issues here.

British Values: Looting; Rapine; & Genocide

There is no such thing as British identity, so attempting to get Muslims to be a part of it is doomed from the start. Whites lack a cultural identity of their own; explaining why, for example, they appropriate the dress, music and cuisine of other ethnicities to compensate for the superficiality of their own. There are also no uniquely British values that only the British possess. Clearly, Muslims are apart from British society since British society is inherently racist - because Whites derive fundamental financial and psychological advantages from such racism - and because Whites are terrified that if White supremacy were renounced, POC would start treating Whites as Whites have treated POC for the past 500 years. The racial segregation practiced by Muslims is merely a survival tactic - one that works - and is supported by Whites since it lessens the chances of their children marrying people Whites disdain.


This article possesses no rational argument against Muslim claims and merely gainsays and mocks them - without evidence - as if one could prove a negative simply be repeating it. Such a racist viewpoint contradicts what the writer is pretending to say and is precisely why Muslims will never trust Whites. Attempts by Whites to be nice (by writing patronizing letters as warm as… could possibly be) to Muslims are like the scorpion telling the frog he will not sting him if he agrees to carry him across the river. Now that Whites need Muslims to fight a war they cannot win on their own, they descend to a Uriah Heep-like ingratiation.

Canting platitudes & hypocritical piety

Whites believe that Muslims secretly rejoice at Jihadist military success. Whites try to conceal this by creating a distinction between true Islam and those other so-called ragheads who are currently winning the War on Terror. They claim that Britain would be diminished without its strong Muslim communities, but this was never said in times past: It is pure cant. As is: British values are Muslim values. White underpants are now filling since Whites are now targeted for their skin color (as non-Whites are: R [European Roma Rights Centre] v Immigration Officer at Prague Airport); making them acutely-aware that they possess an ethnicity which they have heretofore denied having - in the interests of appearing above other ethnicities. Now that Whites are forced to concede that the term “Ethnic” also applies to them, they are quite unsure what to do or how to behave in public; hence, the hogwash about Keep Calm & Carry On as if nothing has changed; while simultaneously pretending everything has changed.

Partnership in a Shared Enterprise?

This special White use of the language of the beggar is exacerbated by this writer’s implication that problems in any community are caused by fringe elements - despite the fact that these fringe elements (eg, White supremacists) still often benefit everyone and, so, are tolerated by the majority. [M]ajority tolerance can never, after all, come from people who benefit from intolerance. POC, Irish Republicans and North-American Indians, for example, have discovered this to their cost.

So why, exactly would Muslims engage in such a shared enterprise, unless the benefits are clearly spelled out? No reason is given, other than the White need and the White belief that it is everybody’s duty to sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of Whites - no matter how badly Whites have treated them in the past. Water under the bridge for Whites, but rational people have a long memory and once-bitten; twice-shy means they might forgive but they would be fools to forget.

Conditional Tolerance

This pretend White celebration of pluralism and the unsubstantiated claim that Englishness is the principle of diversity itself (despite, for example, the British Empire being no better than the Third Reich) means Muslims must be ever-vigilant for the oleaginousness unctuousness of Whites. One has only to survey the lack of diversity in BBC programs, for example, to see that Whites do not believe anyone not White can be British; hence, the fact that the BBC only makes tv shows for White-British and not Black-British.

Whites do not consider Muslims British because Whites consider Britishness and Whiteness to be synonymous since White culture uses superficial criteria like skin color to judge character. Whites confuse and conflate Nationality with Ethnicity, so that one has to be Caucasian and speak English fluently to be British - one or the other is not enough. This makes permanent outcasts of entire communities who have done no wrong.

Caucasian Extremism

Rather than face-up to the mistrust of Whites in the Muslim community - the same kind of intellectual dishonesty the writer condemns (in others, but never in himself) - this writer simply condemns Muslims for not seeing how truly wonderful Whites really are - underneath. And if they cannot see this, then they really [have] a problem.

Yet, it is Whites who really have the problem since they refuse to listen to others. Whites think themselves above criticism, so do not believe they have to refute any. They bask in their own feelings of superiority, while believing the distinction between what is said and what is done never applies to them, so that Whites should only be judged by what they say, while others are only to be judged by what they do. Moreover, that Whites never possess ulterior motives for anything they do because they are the glittering representatives of a self-evident Master Race.

If everyone has a responsibility to tackle extremism, why do Whites not have this responsibility? Making such a hypocritical claim is an example of extreme White supremacy, since it is designed to favor Whites at the expense of anyone else who suffers from extremism. How Whites could ever possibly imagine that those they fear would ever deign to help them in times of hardship is a mystery that only a team of psychiatrists - working round the clock for at least a year - could ever solve.

Rhetorical Games

There is no irresponsible misrepresentation of the [UK] Government position here - only a weary reluctance to believe that a racist ethnic group (White) and a racist state (the UK) could be serious in wanting to co-operate with Muslims, when Whites have never done so before and never did so in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Of course, Whites are not going to let these facts deter them from condescending to Muslims when Whites cannot get their own way - either by torturing Muslims to death or desperately seeking Muslim allies now that the War on Terror is being lost and Whites, thus, shown as helpless in the face of the inevitable historical comeuppance that is Islamic Fundamentalism.

Can Whites Stand on Their Own Two Feet?

There is no moral or intellectual argument presented here for the fundamentally-absurd claim that Imams must protect Whites from the blow-back from Whites’ own racism - which Whites, themselves, believe they have no responsibility to ameliorate. If Whites were really serious about winning the War on Terror, they need only do the following:

  1. Renounce White Supremacy; &
  2. give the terrorists what they want.

The problems would then largely disappear. But that would mean Whites having to stand on their own two feet and not rely on their belligerence to cow POC to their will.

White Fear of What They Cannot Control

This writer then concludes by contradicting his claim of the existence of a Britishness of multiple identities, uncontaminated by fundamentalism, is possible, as well as necessary when, all along, he claimed that this had already been achieved - but only by Whites. There are no White political movements for achieving this end - and never have been. The truth is that what Whites really want is a “Britishness uncontaminated by Muslims”. The hard, jagged questions posed by Islamist terrorism are never clearly stated because these are:

  1. When are Whites going to stop fomenting the very wars they continually-whine about? &,
  2. When are Whites going to face-up-to their serious shortcomings as a people?

Since Whites are unable to trust those they fear, one can be certain that if Whites were winning the War on Terror, they would not waste their time sucking-up to their alleged enemies. Whites enjoyed the benefits of their racism for centuries while ignoring Muslim complaints about White supremacy. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Whites are brown-nosing because it is their lives that are now in danger. (Certainly, for example, when the National Front were causing problems with race relations in Britain; forcing POC to live in fear of their White neighbors, few Whites gave a damn about Black lives) One can be certain that when such condescension fails, Whites will revert to type and indulge their penchant for violence and threats of violence.

Why did Whites not teach their children so-called British values before? UK Whites have never tried to inculcate “British values” concerning openly-radical and supposedly un-British organizations like the BNP or UKIP - because White lives are not at stake. Now, after 500 years of White racist radicalism, it is far too late to stop the radicalisms that Whites, themselves, cause - unless Whites wish to renounce the White supremacy which benefits them all, that is. This is an unlikely prospect since Whites only promote White Values - especially when their lives are in danger - because Black Values (like Black Lives) do not matter to Whites.

All Actions Have Consequences

Whites need to put their own house in order before suggesting others do likewise. Normally, for example, when one is trying to eradicate a disease, the following activities must be undertaken:

  1. What is the exact nature of the problem? &,
  2. what is its source.

Whites have done neither because they lack the honesty to admit their own part in the troubles which currently assail them - like the smoker who sues the tobacco company because he has developed lung cancer despite the warnings posted on all cigarette packs. Facing reality is always tricky when one has been brainwashed into thinking that reality should not get in the way of ones wishes.

Some of My Best Friends are… Muslim

Make no mistake, Muslims are being offered nothing save the phony hand of friendship that Whites always proffer when they want something-for-nothing. This White author is typically-ignorant of other cultures and tries to tell Muslims what to do - or else. Not only does he know little of Islam (since other cultures do not matter to Whites) he does not know any Muslims personally because he does not wish to know why Muslims do not help nor trust Whites - despite the answer always being blindingly-obvious: White Supremacy. A form of supremacy that has disabled Whites from living-up to their full potential as human beings for centuries, is the basic reason they never grow up and why each succeeding generation has to face the violent backlash against their supremacist attitudes.

Absence-of-Evidence Proves a Negative?

This article is nothing more than a desperate attempt to prove a negative in the absence of any evidence of White good will or desire to trust others who do not share their skin color, values or language. Yet, Whites accuse Muslims of lacking trust! This author does not mention Stop & Search as another source of distrust; implying that he agrees with such racist police tactics. Nor does he mention White supremacist immigration controls. If Whites distrust Muslims, Why would not Muslims distrust Whites?

Bad Faith

If Whites had anything else to offer other than fake friendship and the violation of International Law by war criminals like Tony Blair and George W Bush, they would find Muslims more helpful and willing to join organizations like the military, the police and the Security Service. Yet, Whites still expect Muslims to trust Whites, without the necessary corollary of Whites trusting Muslims.

David & Goliath

Whites are still employing Caucasian Fundamentalists to prosecute the War on Islamic Fundamentalism on the same assumption that you can fight fire with fire, after imperialist Whites having lit the fire themselves by sending agents to foreign countries to commit illegal acts out of arrogance, injustice, self-delusion, lies, hypocrisy, greed & xenophobia.

Unless Whites make not helping them a crime, one can hardly blame Muslims for not trusting Whites and preferring to remain safely ensconced within their own communities.

If One Does as God Does, One Becomes as God Is

None of these basic statements about the nature of being human matter to White writers, only their desire to recreate reality in their own image and hope that others will go along with their inane fantasies - with the necessary stick (but no carrot). When Whites realize Muslims care for them about as much as Whites care for Muslims, Whites will then have grown-up and learned to face the political music they have composed.

The very fact that Whites feel the need to write such a letter to the MCB - they would never write such a missive to the Church of England - proves Whites know why Muslims self-segregate: White supremacy. Whites ask for Muslim help precisely because they know it will not be granted, automatically, since Whites are perfectly well-aware of their entirely-negative feelings for Muslims - and so are Muslims. Such a request paves the way for further White persecution of Muslims on the basis that Muslims were asked “nicely” to help Whites, yet refused (though Whites didn’t say: “Pretty Please!”).

Because Whites fear Muslims for what they are - not for what they do or do not do - it does not matter what Muslims do (or do not do): Whites fear Muslims precisely because they are Muslims. Because there can be no incentive to help those who fear you for no reason, it is now time for Muslims to write to vicars and ask them to curb Christian extremism.

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