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“All schools must promote ‘British Values’”


“British Values”

Summary: The White Hypocrisy of forcing “White Values” onto others while claiming to be tolerant of difference.

Whites claim the following as “British Values”, when they are really nothing more than aspirational utopian Virtues:

  1. Democracy (ie, so long as Whites are the majority);
  2. equality before the law (ie, laws created solely by Whites);
  3. gender equality (ie, the hope that White women will not start having sex with Black men [to get back at White men for sexism]);
  4. individual liberty (ie, the liberty to infringe the liberty of others);
  5. mutual respect & tolerance of those with different faiths & beliefs (ie, those whose beliefs are not White; White being the standard against which all other beliefs are judged. [This was not displayed by those Whites who proclaimed Je Suis Charlie]);
  6. personal & social responsibility (ie, accusing others of moral degeneracy when Whites get drunk, take drugs, have sex with children, etc); &,
  7. political freedom (ie, the freedom to impose freedom on others by force);
  8. respect for British institutions (ie, those created by, and for the sole benefit of, Whites which POC are not allowed to criticize otherwise they are to be told to leave the country).
  9. respect for the rule of law (ie, laws created solely for the benefit of Whites);

Of course, none of these claims is particularly British; making the White implication that they possess a monopoly on such values inherently false. It is also difficult, after all, to find Whites actually practicing any of these virtues in real life; ie, the reality outside the realm of White fantasizing.

Reading Between the Lines

“British Values” is actually a code phrase for “White Values”. In essence, these are:

  1. Genocide;
  2. Looting; &,
  3. Rapine.

Educationally, and in detail, these entail such activities as:

  1. Teaching the White point-of-view;
  2. teaching that other viewpoints are wrong;
  3. implying other people are inferior, so there is no need for Whites to understand why they think the way they do;
  4. assuming Whites know why people in Africa, Asia or the Middle-East behave the way they do (so there is no reason to ask them);
  5. ignoring stereotypes White students may have;
  6. teaching that all people in a culture or region are the same - except for Whites;
  7. using exotica to motivate White students;
  8. ignoring or playing down cultural commonalities;
  9. not teaching cultural universals;
  10. using only White sources to teach about other cultures;
  11. not teaching about the politics of prejudice & power;
  12. not teaching about how cultures change;
  13. allowing students to think a culture is static;
  14. using materials about a culture that are out-of-date;
  15. not teaching global interconnectedness & inter-dependence; &,
  16. allowing students to assume Whites are not dependent upon other nations or people in other countries.

White History

Whites are bad at studying their own history because it makes them feel guilty. Easier to pretend that the past does not matter (eg, Get over it! - even though Whites refuse to) and try to evade the issues thrown-up by such an inherently-morbid subject.

Whites, here, are conflating Values (personal qualities to be achieved) with Virtues (the means of achieving Values) to imply that merely saying one possesses values negates the need for actually possessing supporting virtues - despite the fact that Virtues are the sole means of expressing Values. (For example, the Virtue of Honesty expresses a commitment to the Value of a purposeful life.) Here, Whites are trying to act like Christians who preach Christian Values in public; while practicing immoral Virtues (ie, Vices) in private.

As UK Whites conflate Church & State (Promotion/Brainwashing; Personal/Political; Virtues/Values; Nationality/Ethnicity; etc), they also confuse political loyalty to the State with personal loyalty to Whites: A brazen attempt to make anyone not-White-enough a lapdog of Whites. Conflating the Personal with the Political means Whites taking Political comments Personally. This view that all of life is give and take and nothing is to be shared explains White hostility when others disagree with them since, then, non-White dissidents are making it clear that they will give nothing in return for the nothing Whites offer.

Why Now?

Why did Whites not teach their children so-called British values before? UK Whites have never tried to inculcate “British values” concerning openly-radical and supposedly un-British organizations like the BNP, the National Front or UKIP - because White lives were, and are, not at stake. Now, after 500 years of White racist radicalism, it is far too late to stop the radicalisms that Whites, themselves, cause - unless Whites wish to renounce the White supremacy which benefits them all, that is. This is an unlikely prospect since Whites only promote White Values - especially when their lives are in danger - because Black Values (like Black Lives) do not matter to Whites.

Because defining Britishness is quintessentially un-British, since positive British values do not really exist and because Whites assume all Whites think alike - as they assume People of Color POC do - there is no perceived White need to teach what is already (supposedly) known. The basic White idea is to teach those whom Whites fear to obey these non-existent British values, while Whites, themselves, continue to follow the three negative ones listed at the start of this posting. This explains the White Guilt that comes from any honest assessment of Britishness, as well as why the collective noun for a group of Whites is An Hypocrisy of Whites.

Whites are simply trying to foist their ethnic superiority fantasies onto others and claiming that to do so is natural and normal. And that anyone who disagrees should be discriminated against.

White paranoia

Whites are terrified of those they share the UK with - especially Muslims, at the present time - as well as being scared of the inevitable White paranoia caused by centuries of White supremacy. The latter haunts the White imagination because Whites know that such bad behavior also has negative consequences for them; eg, mental illness, fear of POC revenge, etc.


Like Whites in apartheid South Africa, UK Whites need to placate their own racist xenophobia by feeble-yet-frequent attempts at brainwashing POC (eg, Citizenship Tests), in the desperate hope that such people will not seek revenge for the Institutionally-racist nature of all White cultures - throughout the world.

Whites want that everyone be loyal to them and do as they say. Multiculturalism (ie, racial segregation) makes this impossible; hence, the White resentment at any idea of multiculture because it makes the re-enslavement of POC impossible.

Whites are also terrified that POC will out-breed them and, thus, be able to tell Whites what to do in a first-past-the-post electoral system, at which point Whites will clamor for the Proportional Representation PR they have always rejected in the past (because they were in the majority).

Trying to brainwash POC is, thus, also designed to ensure POC think, talk and act like Whites so that POC will kowtow to Whites (ie, accept White values as universal values) to compensate for the decline of White culture.

One can only wonder at the loneliness compelling Whites to try to force others to be like them as recompense for Whites not liking themselves - or even each other.

White Supremacy Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

In all this talk of so-called British Values, there is none of Whites renouncing White supremacy as the royal road to communality. Whites refuse to give up the only means of appearing to win every argument, in the hope that they will never have to take POC seriously.

British Education

The fundamental problem for Whites with implementing such value-laden nonsense as teaching so-called British Values in the UK educational curriculum is that British education is already riven with institutional racism. Whites already teach their negative value-system - but covertly, in case anyone notices they are White supremacist. Thus, they already promote “British Values”. White teachers teach POC that they are not valued by Whites as people, simply because Whites do not wish to educate POC to do well (compared with White children) in the competition for jobs after leaving full-time schooling. Whites prefer, instead, to exclude them whenever legally possible; using laws created by Whites that allow them to be legally racist. (This is the same-in-principle as Europe not wanting to open-up its markets to Africa since thast wouylld increase economic competition for lazy Whites who wish their sloth to be subsidized with a racially-protedted market.)

POC will be invited to state that they accept White values - particularly, White supremacy - or be subject to social exclusion by Whites. But this is a meaningless threat since such exclusion is already practiced by Whites, on the assumption that POC will not accept White supremacy - a completely correct assumption, as it happens.

White Supremacy

Obviously, Whites are not going to openly-discuss their sole source of cultural identity: White supremacy. To admit that this is the underlying British Value-of-all-values would be a stroke of honesty for which Whites are not famous: It would be a tacit admission that Whites actually lack meaningful values. It would also give POC the perfect reason (among many) for having nothing to do with Whites, nor their alleged Values - in any way, shape or form. This is why Whites lie about who they are to try and manipulate others into loving them, politically, when their parents did not, personally.

Moreover, White supremacy creates the problem for Whites that no White can ever fully know himself nor, therefore, live fully and joyously. They can never know, for sure, if any success they achieve is more the result of their abilities or more to do with the unearned help they obtained from White supremacy. This explains the White inability to grow-up as the direct result of this lack of self-awareness; additionally explaining their penchant for mass murder, divorce, suicide, etc.

White Propaganda

There is little White talk of virtues that reflect these stated White Values because Whites do not practice the values they claim to possess; hence, their embarrassment and inappropriate aggression as they vainly-try to enumerate values they never actually display. Whites do not reference Rationality, a purposeful life nor Moral Choice as British Values; tacitly revealing the moral emptiness at the heart of this all-too-White debate; making this is all just more of the same Manifest Destiny propaganda of implying Whites have the best values (regardless of whether they are actually practiced or not) and, so, are the most fit to rule the world - and save it from POC in the process.

Ultimately, Whites do not wish to reflect on the abject hypocrisy and inherent contradiction of forcing White Values down people’s throats while claiming tolerance for dissent. They also do not wish to accept that any claim that values need to be formally taught to Whites is the result of White fears that there are too many Darkies; changing everything.

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