Saturday, 4 April 2015

“Andreas Lubitz planned spectacular gesture”


Such a White Thing To Do

Only Whites could ever pretend to be stunned by the revelation that one of their own has committed suicide: Fortunately, none of the victims seem to be People of Color (POC).

Whites act surprised, yet benefit from White supremacy. Thus, Whites should have no real reason to die and - in fact - every reason to live, since their lives are made somewhat easier than those who have to actually work for a living.

Whites have the highest suicide rates in the world and often take others with them in the process of self-destruction (eg, Adolf Hitler). This explains the White penchant for apparently-randomized school spree-killings and mass murders on public thoroughfares, rather than doing the decent thing: Running a bath and opening a vein - like civilized death-obsessed people (eg, the Japanese).

However, Whites will try to pretend this deliberate plane crash was an act of murder or manslaughter to evade the issue of why Whites usually behave in such self-absorbed and suicidal ways. Because POC actually have a substantive culture and Whites do not, Whites are induced to create their sense of identity via infamous acts as their only outlet for achieving any kind of recognition - no matter how negative.

Whites spend so much of their time (more than 80%) with each other, that they come to view depressive people as normal because it is their norm - despite the fact that it is actually, among Whites, merely usual. This is why Whites are so poor at judging other Whites (& human character, in general) and find bad White behavior inexplicable, since depression is so common for Whites to display on a daily basis that it just seems natural and, therefore, not at all as threatening as it is for POC.

HAMLET: Ay, marry, why was he sent into England?
GRAVE-DIGGER: Why, because he was mad. He shall recover his wits there; or, if he do not, it’s no great matter there.
GRAVE-DIGGER: ‘Twill not he seen in him there. There the men are as mad as he.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English dramatist, poet. Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1.

White mono-culturalism also illustrates why Whites cannot explain the behavior of POC - except in negative terms. The positive behavior Blacks display (eg, Notting Hill Carnival) is unusual for a White; Whites are simply not used to seeing so many happy people. On the other hand, POC find it easy to spot someone with ongoing personal problems, because such a person is both unusual to them and a political threat to POC lives (eg, Jean-Marie Le Pen).

This incident also reveals a desperate White attempt to show the White perpetrator, here, in the best possible light (as in the photograph above) when, if he had been a POC, his entire ethnic group would have been besmirched and any sordid details of his private life either dredged-up or invented - or both.

Andreas Lubitz did not, primarily, trash his airplane because he was depressed, but because he was White. Therefore, more POC civil pilots are now needed in Western airlines to provide greater assurance that this sort of depressive episode happens far less often - if at all.

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