Thursday, 14 May 2015

Caucasian Psychopathy

How to Spot a White Supremacist

Also Useful for Spotting Sexists, Snobs, homophobes, etc

Because most psychopaths are White - and there has been much public uproar among Whites about psychopaths being released from prison to re-offend - Whites had to give the game away about their own psychological conditioning by creating a complex twenty-point list to facilitate White psychiatrists labeling other Whites who let the side down by revealing their inferiority publicly.

Psychopathy Checklist-Revised:
Factors, Facets & Other Items
Factor 1 Factor 2 Other items
Facet 1: Interpersonal
  1. Glib & superficially charming;
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth;
  3. Pathological lying;
  4. Cunning & manipulative.
Facet 2: Affective
  1. Lacking remorse or guilt;
  2. Emotionally shallow;
  3. Callous & lacking empathy;
  4. Failing to accept responsibility for own actions.
Facet 3: Lifestyle
  1. Needing stimulation since prone to boredom;
  2. Parasitic lifestyle;
  3. Lacking realistic, long-term goals;
  4. Impulsive;
  5. Irresponsible.
Facet 4: Antisocial
  1. Poor self-discipline;
  2. Behavioral problems in youth;
  3. Juvenile delinquency;
  4. Recidivism;
  5. Criminally versatile.
  1. Many short-term marriages;
  2. Sexually promiscuous.

The PCL-R is only weakly-applicable to real-world settings and tends toward tautology. It is vulnerable to “labeling effects”; to be over-simplistic; reductionistic; to embody the fundamental attribution error; and to not pay enough attention to context and the dynamic nature of human behavior.

Ratings made using the PCL system depend on the personality of the person doing the rating; including how empathic they themselves are. The class background, race and philosophical beliefs of raters are enacting biased judgments of people whose section of society or individual lives they have no understanding of or empathy for.

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