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Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women


Less Attractive to Whom - White Supremacists?

Black Beauty?

Scientific Proof White Supremacists Find Black Women Unattractive!

Feeble attempt to re-introduce physiognomy through the circular arguments of pseudo-science and scientism; creating the self-fulfilling prophecies used to vainly justify White supremacy. Darwin’s theories are being politically-exploited to explain both alleged White genetic superiority and, its necessary corollary, the claimed genetic inferiority of People Of Color (POC) - but all this really explains is White amorality. A more suitable forum for such political-ideology-masquerading-as-science (lack of empirical evidence, flawed premises & unexamined presuppositions) would be Stormfront.

The question is actually a race-baiting statement (Black women are ugly) that pretends it is true simply by being stated as a rhetorical question. Its only function is to get attention by causing offense; thereby generating the anger that will help obscure its rather obvious falsity.

The main reason psychology (& Evolutionary Psychology (EP)’s deterministic claims about Evolution) is not a hard science (like Physics & Chemistry) is because Whites - and their fellow-travelers - have always used it to justify White supremacy; thereby trying to elevate White personal preferences into the realm of objective facts - with Whites reigning supreme. EP never says anything disparaging about Whites since it is designed to flatter them by claiming there is scientific evidence for their genetic superiority over others. This is a way for Whites to evade White guilt for White supremacy by pretending the latter is natural and normal - the former created by Blacks seeking equality that is genetically-impossible for them to achieve.

Dr Kanazawa is careful-enough to not say that Black women are actually ugly, only that they are less attractive (to him, obviously). Rather than say less attractive to he says less attractive than; suggesting Blacks are objectively unattractive - not that Whites are objectively racist (a truth EP regularly evades). He clearly implies - since he claims to be an objective scientist - that Black women are, in fact, ugly. One might just as well ask Why are Whites more racist than other people? rather than the more scientific Are Whites more racist than other people?

Attractiveness, like intelligence, beauty and humor, are human qualities which are, like all personal qualities, not amenable to scientific and objective measurement - unlike physical quantities such as length, height & width. The scientistic belief that they are, is the simplistic reductionism that attempts to obliterate the many mysteries of life by pretending that anything can be measured - even how much you love your children, your wife & your car.

It is strange that if Black women really are less attractive than Others (racist code for White women), why there should be so few White people in the world and so many Black. Perhaps it is because the men who find Black women sexually-attractive are misguided and foolishly-unscientific in their amorous choices? Or, perhaps, it is because they are not White supremacists and/or do not live in White supremacist environments? Dr Kanazawa acts as though White supremacy simply does not exist - and yet that is the only context within which his comments make any sense, whatsoever. He lacks the intellectual rigor to understand that he does not actually tell an inconvenient truth about Black women, but one about the moral sewer that is White culture.

The problem with correlations and predictors is that they are not causations - they are intellectually-lightweight substitutes for them. They allow one to say anything about anything - at the most trivial level of self-indulgence. For example, White skin is the best predictor of White supremacism; physical beauty is closely-correlated with male erections; loneliness is strongly-correlated with ugliness; resentment at White supremacy is a predictor of ethnicity; anger at rape is a predictor of gender; being successful under Apartheid is correlated with skin-color; Why Do Whites Need Institutionalized Racism to be Successful?; Why is it the white man’s burden to bang all the hot chicks of other ethnic groups to produce beautiful mulatto babies?; Why Do Unattractive People Write Articles About Attractiveness?; the list is endless. The difficulty in finding causative agents when dealing with complex human phenomena has constantly hampered White attempts to prove simplistic and behavioristic relationships between - and within - people and objects. Oddly, he even admits he can think of no other explanation for the data he pretends to interpret; revealing a decidedly-lackluster imagination, in the process, and a lazy unwillingness to engage in a basic literature review of his own discipline.

As White culture declines, Whites will do anything to justify their having more of what remains to be exploited of the world’s physical resources. Whites will also do all they can to mock and deride those they dread most in order to soothe their fears of eventual irrelevance and disappearance, just because of the presence of those others. Yet, Dr Kanazawa is so desperate to be accepted by Whites, that he mirrors their racism - even to the extent of claiming that he, himself, is a member of one of the physically-unattractive ethnic groups he claims to observe. One only has to read Why we are losing this war to see that he is angrily-resentful about the fact that no matter his absurdly-overstated racism, Whites will never accept him as fully-human.

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa tries to hide his ignorance and poorly-suppressed anger behind claims his critics are politically-correct and wish to suppress any scientific discussion of Ethnicity. He refuses to accept that science must be socially-responsible, since good science is designed to be socially-profitable (otherwise, what’s the point?) and that the search for truth is not the only reason for scientific activity. Otherwise, Josef Mengele’s experiments on Jewish children would suddenly become scientifically-acceptable - so long as they produced the truth of what happens to people when you abuse them. Moreover, Whites would never accept being quarantined from others simply because it is a fact that all their cultures are institutionally-racist, nor would any White allow research into the effects of pornography on very young children - so there are clear ethical limits to seeking scientific truth, no matter those White scientists who claim to be engaged in a disinterested search for the true nature of objective reality. Science only has value if it is constructive, otherwise it can only be destructive - there is no third option.

The peculiar awfulness of Whites is that they only research topics that help them maintain their political status quo. They never, for example, search for any IQ or sexual attractiveness differences between people with different colored eyes or different shoe or breast sizes. This is because such research might find that women with small breasts are the most intelligent; justifying the denial of higher-educational opportunities to the superbly well-endowed. The whole point of science that is to be fed into political policy is to discriminate against someone - anyone - so that scarce resources can be monopolized by the powerful.

Attacking his detractors for being politically-correct is a politically-correct attempt to conceal the flaws in Dr Kanazawa’s own work: The racist agenda underpinning it & that of offering opinions not based on objective data instead of scientific analysis. The author believes politics is the slave of science, such that politics can never criticize its master. He wants nothing more than to openly-express his fear of not being accepted by Whites because it is all he has to offer the Caucasians who pretend to love him for agreeing with their xenophobia.

Therefore, Dr Kanazawa will not be required by Whites to apologize to Black women for his White supremacy, so won’t do so; revealing that Whites will continue to cleave to their racist political agenda through the use of pseudo-science and, particularly, the absurd claim that there are meaningful differences between people based on skin pigmentation.

More detailed debunkings here: What are the scientific / methodological objections to the Psychology Today article “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” being removed from the publication?
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