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Psychopath Test

Journey Through the Madness Industry
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White society is fundamentally irrational and motivated by insanity.
Emotional repression
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Psychopathy According to Caucasians

Summary: Semi-Humorous Trawl Through the Stygian & Crepuscular Gloom of Caucasian Psychopathy.

Desperate, guilt-ridden White evasion of the basic issue in psychopathy: Why are the vast majority of psychopaths White. And is this why so many Whites think there are so many psychopaths lurking out there, in the bushes; waiting to murder them in their beds?

Because psychopathy is vaguely-defined by Whites, it is hard to predict whether or not convicted criminals will re-offend after serving a custodial sentence. So the PCL-R is used to subjectively assess public fears as to the incidence of re-offending behavior and, as if by deliberate planning, finds the vast majority of such people to be unreleasable.

It is hard to prove that one is sane, so one must pretend to be insane, accept treatment and then pretend to get better; knowing all the while these behaviors can be seen as psychopathic since such pretense fits the broad definition of psychopathy: A classic Catch-22.

The White obsession with social conformity as a means of pretending they have a substantive culture to adhere to leads them to diagnose difference – as such – as automatically pathological, in much the same way Black people, say, are judged by Whites to be unintellectual because they are not frightened of sex.

Psychiatry is simply a political tool used by Whites for labeling, controlling and punishing those of whom the psychiatrist disapproves (much like drapetomania) as well as for providing drug companies with invented disorders for which they can invent medications.

Psychiatry is clearly a profession that attracts the mentally-disordered to its ranks; psychiatrists often being more deluded than their clientele. PCL-R comes across as nothing less than Whites projecting-and-displacing their own inner turmoil onto others so that they can feel that their ability to hide the symptoms of their collective delusions (eg, racial, intellectual ∓ cultural superiority) is the one true sign of their (self-diagnosed) normalcy. This means that pretending ot be a psychopath is evidence that one is one - and you cannot get more White than that. It means that if Whites think they auperior to People of Color - they are. If White men blieve they are superior to women - they are. If White social snobs believe they are superior to the poor - they are. One wonders if Whites make themselves crazy just to get a few years respite from the White Man’s Burden: The stresses and strains of being the Master Race and of trying to run the world.

Tediously-written so that it can be padded-out to book-length, this is the kind of journalism that could so easily have been short and more to the point. There is no real insight, here, just journalistic prose and description. Fortunately for the author, being a mediocre one is not a sign of insanity.

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