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United Kingdom…
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The missions of UK’s domestic intelligence organization.
Corporate Power
Emotional repression
Political Correctness
Social class
The State
White culture
White guilt
White supremacy
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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Caucasians will Save the Day - but only in Fiction

Political Correctness Gone Mad

Summary: Eurocentric and Imperialistic Caucasians Pretending they can Defeat an Enemy Without Knowing his Motivations while Doctors are unlikely to Defeat a Disease without Epidemiology.

Series about loyalty to Whites as well as to the rich who continue to expect those most loyal to them to risk their lives for little return.

Whites are shown as being so enmeshed in White supremacy that they fully-realize they will never be accepted by any other ethnic group and so are prepared to die to defend their own - even if this means doing so for people who think them socially-inferior. They are given no social alternative (& are social cowards, anyway), so this is the only sense of human loyalty they will ever know - no matter how false. No clue is ever offered as to why Whites engage in such a perversely-masochistic fidelity to others when there is so little to gain from it.

Whites hate being labeled as racist, yet are only too keen to label others by alleged group affiliation as madmen or jumped-up little fanatics; under-estimating the very enemy that has thrust so much fear into their hearts in order to vainly reduce the dread of terror they spend so much time and money trying to defeat.

No political context is ever offered for the events shown since that would mean the White response to terrorism is more of the same kind of behavior being condemned, as well as the direct cause of the terrorism the characters in the series are ostensibly fighting.

The childish political simplifications of the scripting aptly-reflect the White, cry-baby narcissism of those who refuse to accept their responsibility for the terror they claim to fight as well as the fact that they find second-guessing the terrorists they have created difficult-to-impossible. (There is even the absurd claim that there was only one Cold War, when all of the periods of peace between all of the wars were cold wars.)

Like everyone who fights a losing war, this series pretends threats can be neutralized by fictionalizing them into non-existence. Whites conflate Ethnicity with Nationality to enable their support for White supremacy and its handmaiden Political-Correctness - but what will protect us from White supremacy? No one answers this question because the series supports White supremacy by being promotional propaganda for the UK Security Service, despite the fact that it contains no admission that the so-called War on Terror is a Race war - fought solely for the benefit of rich Whites.

Whites are shown as melodramatically-brave, gratuitously-violent and violently-traumatized by the existential despair they try to inflict upon others via their eloquently-martial cultures. The White characters are fleshed-out to reveal shared suffering (rather than shared joy) as the basis for White culture - a culture lacking in substantive content; hence, the White emotional dissociation here offered as espionage cool; eg, angry enough to aggressively kill, but psychopathically-unemotional immediately afterward.

The largely-mediocre actors struggle to embody their two-dimensional characters sufficiently to make us care about what happens to them. They fail; leaving us stranded in a quagmire of melodramatic gimmicks, narrative clichés and over-acting typical of Western media in its quest for false-certainty and forced-uniformity. Its images are designed to be seen as colorless accounts of knowledge, reality, morality and human nature; while unintentionally and simultaneously revealing how biased and one-sided they are.

In no other major civilization do self-regard, self-congratulation and denigration of others run as deep, nor have these tendencies infected as many aspects of White thinking, laws and policy, as they have in the West - and its overseas extensions. Thus, preventive measures against terrorism are actually impossible for Whites since they cannot study People Of Color (POC) without first denying the humanity of the latter with a political intellectualism bent on self-affirmation rather than objective study. POC are thus never to be understood and, thus, never to be defeated through an understanding of their weaknesses, flaws & motivations. Only by great good luck could the scenarios this series offers ever come-to-pass so that one day Whites will be able to live without the fear of the bombers they have created.

Ultimately, this is not a show offering much hope that the Security Services can protect us from the terror they have been instrumental in creating, since its solutions are purely Curative rather than Preventive.

Really quite laughable.

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