Thursday, 3 March 2016

O J Simpson


Summary: Critique of “”.

What upsets Whites about the OJ Simpson criminal trial is that his guilt had to be proved – beyond a reasonable doubt – which it was not. Previously, Black guilt had merely to be assumed and asserted by Whites to be accepted as a form of proof – by Whites – in a White supremacist justice system in which proof of Black guilt was never really deemed necessary.

If OJ Simpson had murdered Black people, his guilt or otherwise would not so enrage Whites. As it was, it appeared a Black man was getting away with murder which, heretofore, was seen as a White man’s sole preserve: 99% of White lynchers were never tried for murder and few Whites were outraged by the Rodney King beating. Whites now fear that Black people will be allowed to murder them (& get away with it), as Whites continue to murder Black people (& not be punished for it) to this day. A racial dread that Whites are not prepared to live with; while angrily‑demanding that Black people do just that – regarding voracious White supremacy; resulting from the non‑crime of being Black.

Whites, here, are not concerned with such weighty matters as evidence or proof, merely with Black guilt; ie, the White belief that Black people are automatically guilty and that criminal trials of Black people are a waste of White people’s money and time.

A mostly‑White jury found Simpson civilly‑liable for murder; while a mostly‑Black one found him criminally‑innocent. Whites simply cannot bring themselves to believe that Black people are rational enough to present the correct verdict; ie, one politically‑acceptable to Whites. This is why the OJ Simpson criminal verdict was the only one after which Whites demanded IQ tests for jury‑members – they have never done this when a White is wrongly‑acquitted of murdering a Black person. Black people will always judge cases on the basis of ethnicity; while Whites will always judges cases on the facts – something that can easily be shown to be historically‑false.

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