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How Caucasians Navigate the Choppy Seas of White Guilt

M att  Damon and Miley Cyrus could never accept that their success is anything but the result of a meritocracy which Whites have never practiced. To believe otherwise would mean Whites accepting they possess no merit other than that which they claim they possess, but which they cannot prove they actually do.

Yet, Damon is promoting his career by talking the shite he benefits from: Fools like him should take their own advice and keep their personal opinions to themselves. But because Whites think themselves omniscient, they do not feel the need to listen to others because they think they already know everything.

As Whites must suppress their truly-human natures in order to be loyal to (& continue benefiting from) White supremacy, Whites require others to repress theirs – on the false basis that White culture is a protection racket where one will not be abused so long as one obeys Whites. Not so that these others can be successful in an emotionally-repressive White culture, but so that Whites can appear greater than the then similarly identity-deprived ethnic competition. This allows Whites to hide their quintessential mediocrity behind the facade of fitting-in with other Whites; while hopefully avoiding the invidiousness of seeing others enjoying themselves. Like the puritanical, Whites are terrified that someone, somewhere is having the fun that they are not.

This bigoted discrimination means the hated groups must do as they are told by those who hate them as a vain means of not upsetting the bigots, despite the hated groups not being the cause of the bigotry. This would mean, for example, heterosexuals going out in public while homosexuals must hide in private.

This means Rupert Everett never got the role of 007 because he is gay, not because the Bond producers are homophobic. This means that Black people should hide the fact that they are Black – to further their careers. And that women should conceal their breasts and vaginas to further theirs. In other words, be less like yourselves and more like White people; ie, hate your own nature just as much as they hate theirs. Matt Damon thinks the sun shines from his arsehole, so believes that if only everyone else were like him, they would be as lovable as he obviously thinks he is.

Matt Damon is a moron of epic proportions because when Whites reach adulthood, they cannot determine – objectively – whether their success is either 100% due to their skin color, mostly due to it, partly due to it or entirely the result of merit. Not knowing leads Whites to doubt any talent their fans imply they possess; making them angrily-delusional in accepting the White belief that White culture is meritocratic and that their success is actually 100% deserved. In this needily-neurotic way, White self-distrust seems to be evaded, yet the doubts and the doubters remain – to be vainly attacked with the White supremacy that increases with age whenever anyone points out that the emperor is actually a nudist.

The only way for Whites to avoid such a painful realization is to claim that Black people possess no merit Whites need to respect and imply, therefore, that White supremacy is somehow justified because Whites are the only people with any real merit. No evidence that White supremacy is merit-based is ever adduced because Whites want (& need) to believe their own self-fulfilling hyperbole about themselves, since hype is all they have.

This White self-delusion neatly avoids the need to create the meritocracy Whites do not really believe in. Simultaneously, it is used to claim that Black people’s claim that diversity is better than White supremacy is seen as a threat to Whites’ non-existent meritocracy, because it is based on the implication that Black people are trying to obtain something-for-nothing. Yet, this is precisely what Whites are trying to obtain by making the false claim of possessing inherently-meritocratic political instincts.

The schizophrenia of not wanting a meritocracy, while claiming they already have one, demonstrates that Whites want to believe that White supremacy is the only kind of meritocracy possible. The fact that White supremacy induces laziness – by attempting to nullify both any kind of competition & any fear of losing – is evidenced by the White resentment Whites confer upon successful Black people whenever a more-or-less level playing-field actually does exist (eg, in music & sport), since these prove that Black people are just as meritorious as Whites or, worse for White egomania, moreso.

In other words, American Whites imply that when Blacks were slaves, Whites were happy meritocrats who are now being emotionally blackmailed into giving Blacks more credit than they actually deserve. White self-delusion claims that Institutional Racism is meritocratic; that employing Whites is always based on merit; &, that employing Blacks is always based on skin color. All this to avoid the guilt-ridden reality that Whites believe their automatic merit resides, primarily, in their skin pigmentation and that such affirmative action is only bad for Black people.

The inevitable-because-well-founded realization – when Whites are successful – is that Whites achieve mostly because of the Affirmative Action of White supremacy, not because of any actual merit. And that, therefore, any Black failings are the result of their non-existent genetic inferiority. In the same way that White women know that White men are programmed by White supremacy to find only White women sexually attractive, they can then twist this political fact into the metaphysical fantasy that this is because White women are actually the most beautiful of any ethnic group.

Mediocrities like Damon and Cyrus need to believe such nonsense, otherwise they would realize that their success in life is based on little more than their skin color. This would be a White guilt-inducing blow to their fragile egos that few Whites can effectively deal with because White supremacy does not provide Whites with the psychological wherewithal to honestly face the objective reality outside their reality-denying heads.

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