Saturday, 18 November 2006

A lapse of humanity


More proof of the institutionally-racist nature of White Culture. Do you need more? Well, Frank TALKER always says: "The more the merrier!"

The most telling and repeated aspect of this political mess is the commonplace White Standby of self fulfilling prophecy. If '95% don't get asylum' then Whites jump on this self created fact as proof of Their racist lies and mythologizing. In reality, such a statistic is proof of the fact that such asylum claims are believed to be invalid BEFORE their considered – leading to such a high rejection rate.

Decision-makers are "unaware of practices or events which are the basis for the fear being expressed by many unaccompanied children". Yet, many of these children have experienced 'violence, torture, detention and the death of parents'. This wilful blindness is based on the racist assumption that Blacks are better able to put up with abuse than Whites because Black bodies are better developed for manual labour than for intellectual work – abuse that Whites regularly hand out, as here. This means Whites assume Blacks don't suffer the serious after effects of such abuse - as Whites do - because Blacks lack the imaginative faculty to experience such effects.

'There is a plethora of other legislation under which they could be given protection, but isn't being used'. This is an important statement since it means that whatever laws Whites pass against Their own racism, they'll never be enforced. The conclusion: Blacks can't ever rely on Whites.

If Whites had any guts at all, They'd simply admit They don't like Niggers and that would be an end to all Their attempts to pretend that They've forsworn centuries of racist abuse. But They lack the courage to do this because it would then be a hostage to fortune for Blacks; perhaps resulting in centuries of Black Retribution. In the form of various compensations and reparations; leaving Whites the inevitably poorer inhabitants of a country that would then be no longer Their own. It's hard to feel sorry for Whites given Their tendency of stealing other people's countries that weren't Theirs.

Not so much a 'A lapse of humanity', more a revelation that Whites have none to begin with.
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