Friday, 3 November 2006

White flight causes segregation


This piece is very naughty, indeed. Blacks not wishing to be abused by Whites - and so banding together for protection - cause ghettoes (ie, communities).

This kind of nonsense plays into the hands of racists by pretending Blacks aren't happy to live in ghettoes (ie, defensible spaces). It does this by pretending Blacks actually want to integrate with Whites because Blacks believe White Culture to be superior and worth integrating into. Whites already believe such racist nonsense and now Blacks are pretending They agree with it!

White Racism largely causes White Flight. This fact Lord Ouseley conveniently bypasses. Any movement from one area to another is always caused by a belief that the grass is greener elsewhere - otherwise why move at all? Conversely, any unwillingness to move (even if practicable) is always caused by a belief that the grass is worse elsewhere. Blaming Whites for doing exactly what Blacks would do in the same circumstances isn't turning the tables on those "Perfidious Whites"; it's just more of the same racism.

Lord Ouseley is also deliberately dishonest in not accepting that the reason so little attention is paid to Whites moving away is because property values decline in newly-settled immigrant areas. And Whites (like everybody else) don't want to see Their prize investment lose it's value because of the introduction of Blacks. This is why so many Whites don't want Blacks as neighbours. If the tables really were turned, Blacks would have exactly the same attitudes. It's racist hypocrisy to say otherwise; designed to make Blacks appear morally superior to Whites.

The plain fact is that we live in an inherently divided society. No amount of social engineering is ever going to change that for the simple reason that no-one - no-one - actually wants it to be otherwise. If there are no differentials between people how will we know - in comparative terms - whom we are. (This is difficult enough to determine absolutely - in terms of our objective achievements.) Let's be clear, we are not "sleepwalking into segregation" we are already segregated: by Race; by Class; by Gender; etc. the person maikng this tsatement is sleepwalking since he doesn't yet live in the real world.

What Blacks really want here is for Whites to love and accept Them (they won't) for free. And for whites to stop running away from Them as if Blacks had some terrible infection (the lurgi of racial inferiority) that could easily be caught by Whites. Both races are desperately trying to obtain something from the other that neither group can provide for itself. If White racists didn't exist, Blacks would have nothing to carp-on about; if Blacks didn't exist, Whites would have to look harder for something as good as a sense-of-superiority to fill the emptiness of Their days.
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