Thursday, 30 November 2006

Parents snub Mosque trip as Muslims berate BBC


All of a sudden, White Parents don't want Their children to experience a religion that is 'not their own'. Why now? Why not many years ago, when such experiences were first undertaken?

The answer to these questions is obvious and is given away by the following statement from head teacher Alexander Clark: 'It is not racial prejudice. It's nothing to do with that. [You can't prove a negative so presumably he thinks that if you negate twice that's as good as the proof he isn't presenting.] I think if it had been a Sikh temple or a Buddhist temple it would have been the same reaction'. If this were truly the case, then he should be able to point to previous school visits to such temples as proof of what he's saying. The fact that he can't proves that he's simply evading the issue. And that is that no matter what anti racist policies school's put into place: '[T]he school ha[s] to respect the wishes of [racist] parents'.

This simple fact completely invalidates any anti racist policy you can think of and shows them up as the mere sham that they are and are designed to be. In any case, if it isn't racism, then what – precisely – is it?
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