Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Don't mind your language Lucy – Ofcom

An attempt to effectively get the tv show Shipwrecked banned because it does not like the views of those that appear on it – talk about BLINK confusing the message with the messenger. That would mean the Royal Mail should be censured for obscene articles sent in the post and British Telecom criticised for obscene telephone calls! Obviously, BLINK doesn't believe in any kind of free speech; save their own. It's obviously acceptable to call for black people to be 'reinslaved' (sic) because it's acceptable to call for racists to be gassed. Frank TALKER would be the first to drop Zyklon B crystals into a shower room filled with British National Party members – as eager as a parent regarding a room full of paedophiles. (By the way, "reinslaved" should be "re enslaved".) One longs for an objective definition of free speech from The 1990 Trust because their comments imply that free speech is only for them - and their fellow travellers. Worse, the implication that whites always possess less right to free speech than blacks. Really? By what objective, ethical standard?

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