Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mental health law given Royal assent

'THE CONTROVERSIAL Mental Health Bill has received Royal Assent last Thursday to become law despite cross-party criticism'. It must be faced by blacks that such 'criticism' was never going to cut any ice with Whites because Whites want to pathologize the Black Communities that Whites have no desire nor means of accepting as fully human. 'Widely condemned as reprehensible by human right (sic) and community groups the changes introduced within this new Act of parliament will, health experts have warned, pose real "dangers" to black communities'. These "dangers" are the whole point of such legislation – to give racial discrimination, based upon alleged mental inferiority, a legal basis: Apartheid in all but name. ‘I think this will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of Black men who find themselves sectioned under the Mental Health Act as this new law allows many more health professionals to authorise forced detention'. Again, this is the whole point of such racist legislation. It also allows Whites to claim that blacks are more prone to mental illness simply by claiming – rather than proving with evidence – that they are. This will also allow White Health Professionals to apply racist pressure on Their Black Colleagues to come to the same conclusions about blacks or face racial discrimination in the competition for jobs and promotions within that profession. It is thus a test of how easy it is for blacks to sell out there own race for thirty pieces of silver. If black mental health professionals openly revolt against racism in the health service, Whites will have misjudged the willingness of blacks to accept permanent, second class citizenship status. Needless to say, Blacks will accept the ethical compromises involved with working within a racist health system for the sake of career paths Whites will continue to deny Them. After all, if these appeasing blacks desire appeasement so much, this proves to Whites that blacks can still be racially exploited – and will, therefore, continue to be thus exploited. '"This adds up to licensed discrimination under mental health service provision", Lee Jasper chair of the African Caribbean Mental Health Commission said'. Correct. That's what Frank TALKER just said! ‘It’s a sad day for mental health in the UK especially from the BME view[point]'. It always was a 'sad day' since mental healthcare for blacks has always been racially discriminatory. 'It was clear from the advice from the Commission for Racial Equality and the Race Equality Impact Assessment Steering group that this Act will be discriminatory'. This is getting a little repetitive: The purpose of this act is precisely to be 'discriminatory'. Why else would Whites pass such laws? Professor Kwame McKenzie: 'My worry is that it will drive a further wedge between MH services and black communities as the fear of forced treatment will keep people away from the services and so make the mental health of the Black community worse'. It's really this fear, itself, that makes the mental health of blacks worse than usual: The untreated fear that Whites mean to lock up all blacks. The only treatment for such a fear is to face reality. It is, in truth, much more likely that, since UK mental healthcare for blacks is designed to label blacks as more prone to mental illness and, therefore, less well adapted (ie, evolved) to survive - whites being somehow fitter – that avoiding White Psychiatry and it's fellow traveller Complicit Black Psychiatry will help keep more blacks on a more even mental keel. Blacks won't then become – by the usual process of White Self Fulfilling Prophecy – the very nutjobs Whites secretly wish to make them. This should encourage self help among blacks, to their own betterment, and keep White Racists at bay. To claim otherwise is to suggest that blacks are as mentally inadequate as Whites say they are – needing care which is institutionally racist. ‘"This is clearly a missed opportunity and not in keeping with the Government stated (sic) intention of joined up legislation", mental health lawyer Chinyere Inyama said'. This is infantile. Any black that believes any white's political promises is not living in the same real world that Frank TALKER inhabits. When will blacks learn that Whites just can't be trusted? Never, apparently! 'It shows a lack of regard in relation to race equality'. When have Whites ever shown anything else? '"The Act is a major step back for race equality and for community mental health in general"’, professor Sashi Sashidharan said'. Actually it represents an opportunity for blacks to cure their own ills rather than rely on Whites they know to be institutionally racist. But, of course, the fundamental problem Blacks have is their endemic dependency on whites liking them because Blacks don't like themselves very much. But this liking is really: "Fear us less" – a form of racial appeasement that only shows the weakness that creates the very racism it seeks to avoid. 'The most erudite minds within this profession have advised the Government on how these changes would [affect] ethnic minorities when this Bill first went to parliament. They warned them that it is discriminatory, but they wouldn’t listen. 'The Commission for Racial Equality have (sic) made it public that this Bill will increase discrimination against black patients. But the Government would still not listen'. Again, Whites are never going to 'listen' to those who are not in a position to stop what Whites wish to do. Blacks are always going to be outvoted in a first past the post electoral system because they are in the minority – and Whites want to ensure, by laws like this, that this situation always remains the case. The mentally ill, after all, are in no position to reproduce effectively and so such laws will help reduce the black birth-rate.

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