Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Dr Watson

Dr Watson – The response of Equality Campaigners is ethically right, logical, tactical, justified and effective

Three cheers to The 1990 Trust for pointing out that racism can never be justified under the guise of free speech. That is how racism usually gets its foothold on the thoughts of the weak and feeble minded White Race and eventually leads to rivers of blood - ethnic minority blood. What makes Whites inferior is the fact that They cannot demonstrate that They are anything else. This makes Them good and mad and racist. Because Whites cannot convince others of Their superiority through argument – nor Themselves – They resort to a racist ideology that can only flourish through the use of force. Reason is not something Whites have historically practised, as one can find few examples – even in the history books written by Whites, Themselves. Whites have a lot invested in Their racism and will protect that investment – by any means necessary. This is a 500 year investment and protecting your investment is the first rule of any business. For Whites, the question is: “What’s in it for me?” With racism, the economic and psychic answer to this question is obvious: Unearned wealth and the self serving belief in one’s genetic superiority as a vain attempt to justify the unearned wealth. Nobody kills the goose that lays the golden eggs, after all; that would mean having to work for a living. And, who really wants to know that they cannot succeed with an unfair and perpetual advantage? Certainly not White People. If an activity makes you money why would you stop doing it? For Whites to admit that racism is nonsense, would mean also for Them to admit that They are stupid. Why would Whites do this? The last place Whites would want to look for a solution to Their millennial fear of Blacks is Their abundant fear of life (Their fear of sex, women, children, etc). The pain racism causes Whites is manifest in Their guilt over it; while this pain would be increased if They formally admitted that guilt. Racism tries to conceal wherever Whites don’t want to go – into the future with Blacks as equals. Yet where Whites don’t want to go is where They already are: Fearful of anything different from Themselves. Whites claim this pain doesn’t exist – except in the minds of race card playing Blacks - but it is Their sole reason for living! To protect Themselves from Their fear of the truth, Whites try to make you fear Them even more than They fear Themselves. The bully always being more scared than the so called victim. What perpetuates White Racism is that there is only a single Race-of Man, this fact fills Whites with the nameless dread that They are nothing special. Racism is the hate that dare not speak its name. Anti racism merely makes the racial situation worse because if you try to save Whites from Themselves, They’ll try to destroy you to save Their precious racism – Their only friend in the darkness. The paradox is that to protect racist practise, the existence of racism must be denied. But, how can Whites deny the very thing They’re so desperate to continue practising? The denial itself is racist! This is why euphemisms like “free speech” are peddled. Whites want to be everyone’s game to evade the fact that the moment They embraced racism, They lost the game. Not only must Whites prove They’re not racist but, simultaneously, that racism is natural and that to refuse to discuss this is a threat to “free speech”. And that Blacks invented so called racism by virtue of Their natural inferiority. Without racism, Whites are nothing. They have painted Themselves into a corner with it and find They cannot escape because that would mean having to admit that They can find nothing else to replace Their racism with. They have to stick with it or end up with nothing. Hence, Their desperate and increasingly despairing searches for means to express Their racism and make it sound almost respectable – as, for example, Charles Darwin and his cronies successfully did in the nineteenth century. This proves that Whites still believe in Their inherent, genetic superiority; while still looking that all elusive scientific proof – about as pointless as a Christian looking for God in a test tube. The second most important aspect of this article is: ‘The notion of free speech is rarely explained properly. It carries with it the caveat that it must not harm others’. However, this does not mean merely being emotionally offended, since: “Sticks & stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” The important thing to recognise is objective – not subjective – harm. Otherwise, Blacks simply become overly-sensitive to all racism and render Themselves ridiculous, thereby. The rule here is that you must change the rules on what controls you, to change the rules on what you can control.

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