Friday, 19 October 2007

squarepeg and racism 3

Like all racism-denying white trash who are found out, you waffle-on about trivia in the hope that your essential guilt-induced emptiness won't be noticed. You obviously have a chip on your shoulder the size of your rampant white ego, to disguise the fact that you have never achieved anything in life without evading the reality your existence so despoils. Like all bitter, resentful, shame faced goons (ie ‘lame ducks’ – your parapraxis, not mine), you just can’t resist opening your mouth to reveal the truly cavernous space that lies in the gap between your ears. You revel in your illiberal version of free speech because it allows you to talk codswallop without – you hope – ever being shown up as the living mouthpiece for the affective disorders of an entire race, that you really are. I condemn you as I would anyone who was objectively wrong. I would have done the same if you were a homosexual, a paedophile, a communist or a welfare scrounger. The last is, in fact, something that you effectively are since white racism is social welfare for whites who can’t make it in life without unfair advantages. That you should be so annoyed that someone has pointed out the lies you tell yourself, tells all that you are perfectly well aware that you have not achieved solely by your own merits but by the white privileges you seek to maintain at the cost of the blacks you so despise. If you wonder why blacks hate you, then you are more self-hating than you look. (By the way, just to show how legally-ignorant you actually are, no-one needs to read the terms & conditions on any Website since these must always conform with the laws of the land in which the particular server is located. If one is aware of these laws, there’s no point in reading these conditions because they must never be ultra vires. If not, they can be challenged in civil courts in the UK under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Additionally, in common law, a letter becomes the copyright of the recipient as soon as received, so your comment about “intellectual property” is unimportant. You should have studied law at that third-rate university you went to.) Those who can, do; those who can't, talk. And Frank TALKER never makes the mistake of assuming that a fool can be taught to understand anything. Let them sit at the back of the class – where they belong – with their mouths firmly shut.

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