Saturday, 14 April 2007

Blair Fails to Recognise Black Church Efforts on Gang Culture

'BLACK CHRISTIAN leaders... criticised Prime Minister Tony Blair for failing to recognise the work... black communities and especially black churches are doing to tackle criminal gangs'. You get this usual naive nonsense from UK Blacks. Whites are never going to 'recognise the work that black communities... are doing to tackle criminal gangs', for the simple reason that this would deprive Whites of a stick to beat Blacks with. People who claim the right to scapegoat others are never going to sacrifice anything that They can use against those They scapegoat. This metaphysical fact Blacks evade at the cost to Their lives and those of Their children, since such an evasion would mean trusting Whites and, thereby, rendering oneself vulnerable to life depriving Whites. It is a fundamentally dangerous philosophy that can only benefit Whites; while leaving many Blacks dead. If Blacks say Whites aren't doing enough to recognise the racists in Their own midst, Whites say: "Nonsense". As They did when the new head of the National Union of Teachers last week said that the UK education system was institutionally racist. It was also recently claimed that claiming schools institutionally racist is "not helpful". In reality, it is statements like this that are not helpful since they evade the problem: And "Nonsense" isn't even a properly constructed argument. This is typical of Whites claiming that facing reality is not helpful – only facing White Reality: Which is, what we say is right; what you say is wrong. It is not facing the cause of problems which is the perpetuator of problems – as those who live in denial know - no matter their lying statements to the contrary. The White Press is never going to report the positive things Blacks do – as such – since that effectively and affectively prevents Whites from using Blacks as scapegoats for Their cultural and psychiatric failings. If a Black does well (eg, Dame Kelly Holmes), Whites claim this is because of White Culture; if a Black does badly, Whites say this is because of Black Culture. The clear meaning being: White Culture good; Black Culture bad. When was the last time you saw a White praise a Black without claiming some – or all – of the credit for the success They are praising? The Reverend Katei Kirby, Chief Executive of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance, said: 'It is unfortunate, however, that the Prime Minister failed to recognise the proactive and measurable contribution of Black Christian communities in tackling these issues'. Of course not, where are the votes from Whites in Whites pointing out anything positive about Blacks? The Black Failure here is to refuse to recognise that White Politicians – in a democracy - make statements designed to appeal to the majority (Whites) and not the minority (Blacks). The same is also true of the White Media.

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