Saturday, 28 April 2007

Politics - but not as we know it

'POLITICS IN THE capital might never be the same again. A new project aims to expose London's power-players and how to grab hold of them'. The usual self contradictory pablum from Black who know nothing of real power and how to use it. The second sentence talks about power politics as it is and of making the best use of it as it is; while, simultaneously, the first sentence talks about politics never being the same again. Either politics is to change or it is to remain the same and one is to refrain from trying to beat them; rather, instead, to join them. This paragraph is entirely schizophrenic.

'A new website, booklet and folding "politics map" aims to give London's Black communities the information about who holds the power, and the confidence to demand their views are taken into account'. It would, of course, be much better to seize power for oneself. Then one wouldn't have to go cap in hand to those who dislike one's skin colour, which isn't ever going to work because they don't like you because of your skin colour.

More Twenty First-Century Schizoid Black Man: 'Simon Woolley, director of Operation Black Vote, said the scheme heralded a "new dawn" in the way politics was done'. If so, then why bother about how politics is done now since that's all to be swept away in a revolution; presumably involving involving a great deal of Black forelock tugging to get White Attention and sympathy for the plight of Poor, Powerless Blacks?

At last, an honest statement from a Black Man: 'We've got to forget this deference we have, and we've got to make them work for us'. To which my response is why do you have 'deference' for institutional racists and how are you going to overcome your fear of them which such 'deference' clearly implies?

'We are their democratic masters and they are the servants'. What can one say – save entirely delusional!

'[A] 130-page booklet explains the role of every public institution that impacts on the lives of Londoners, who is in charge and how to get in touch with them'. You'd think Blacks never went to school or had the benefits of a good education. This information has always been available to those who seek it, so what's all the fuss now. Are the Blacks who will supposedly benefit from this faux largesse civic retards who couldn't do all this for Themselves? True empowerment only comes from the latter; not from busybodying, do gooding windbags who condescend to your for you ignorance while pretending to relieve you of such ignorance.

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