Monday, 16 April 2007

Blundering Blair's cheap shot

'Blundering Blair cast aside years of concerted efforts by black people to combat youth crime when he said: "The black community need to be mobilised in denunciation of this gang culture that is killing innocent young black kids. "But we won't stop this by pretending it isn't young black kids doing it". Only Whites engage in this 'pretending' in Their politically correct desperation to get Blacks to love Them for Their racism. A racism loved by those at whom it is aimed is easier to perpetrate than one which is resisted; hence the White Desire to convince Blacks that White Racism is deserved. (Because Tony Blair is a White - trying to politically exploit the traditionally negative view of Blacks Whites have - what else can you expect?) No White Politician ever claims the White Community needs to be 'mobilised' against the White Racists who wish to kill ' innocent young black kids'. This is because Whites want to distract attention away from Their racism and focus attention on black on black crime in order to convince Themselves that Blacks are uncivilised and, therefore, not fully evolved. Whites hope this will justify Their racism, but falls into the trap of never talking in terms of white on white crime – as if somehow crimes committed by Blacks were ineffably different from crimes committed by Whites. That is to say, Blacks commit crimes because it's Their nature to do so while Whites commit them because of such fallacies as social disadvantage and exclusion. Blacks are internally motivated while whites act because of external pressures. The fact that Whites excuse Poor White Behaviour in the latter terms, but never Poor Black Behaviour similarly, proves the racist bias inherent in the White Attitude to the different communities. (Interestingly, this means Whites see Themselves as tabula rasa, without essence or substance as people, buffeted by the winds of preordained destiny. This explains the popularity among Them of games of chance such as the National Lottery and of the concept of socialistic social engineering; both of which require the primacy of external forces as an explanation for [White] Behaviour. It also implies that Blacks have character – albeit bad – and are not born as empty shells waiting to be filled with White Propaganda.) As always, Whites offer odd glimpses into how They really see Themselves when They are busy criticising others – so busy that They fail to see that this is, in fact, what They are busy doing; engaging in self revelation. The profound flaw in this article lies in statements like this: 'Failure of government to tackle in both racism in education and the ability for black youth to secure employment has created a sense of deep hoplesness (Sic) and alienation amoung (Sic) a section of our communities'. There can be no reason why a White Government would ever tackle the institutional racism of UK culture, since racism provides Whites with obvious economic, social and political benefits. (Unless of course, the author can explain why anyone would deny themselves a privilege with which they were born – or provide more than one historical example of such.) There were many more collaborators working with the Germans during the Second World War than there were members of the French Resistance for precisely the same Talleyrand like reasons. If Blacks are seriously holding Their breath for Whites to become representatives of a fully developed and humane culture, then They're going to have a very long wait. Why on earth are Whites, for example, going to give jobs to Blacks when They have shown for centuries that They favour Their own: First, last & always? This is why almost all successful Blacks are self employed and why it's necessary for black parents to take the education of their offspring into their own hands rather than the hands of a racist school system. '[H]oplesness (Sic) and alienation' are self taught characteristics, born of a belief that the world owes the hopeless and the alienated a living. All that Blacks do by making self pitying remarks is blame White Racism for Black Failure; as White Racists love to blame Their own failings on the success of Blacks. (This is fundamental when a White sees a Black driving a BMW, for example, since He believes that if a Black does well, some White, somewhere, must be doing less well. Such people have no idea of even the most basic tenet of economics.) What Blacks refuse to face is that White Racism is proof of White Failure, since the racist has to find someone less successful than himself in order to feel better about his comparative failings. The easiest means of achieving this is through positive discrimination for Whites; ie, institutional racism. And please note that White Culture is very fond of its comparisons between people since it possesses no absolute standards against which to measure itself. If it did, it would find itself coming up short in comparison to other cultures; eg, Asian and oriental. It's important to recognise that Whites will always avoid absolutes because they are standards against which everyone's behaviour must be measured – not just that of Blacks – and Whites don't want anyone judging Them as They judge others. Relative, comparative standards are designed to set the designer outside the standards while categorising others as inferior. Everyone possesses self-sufficiency because they possess reason. The moment anyone claims that they need help from others, they admit they lack reason. The moment that is admitted, all the parasites in the world – social workers, probation officers, police officers, do gooders, racists, the charitable, etc – come out of the woodwork to exploit you because they, themselves, lack self sufficiency. This is why they work for government and the voluntary sector but not the private sector. When Blacks stop wasting Their time looking to Whites for a solution to Their self hatred, They will start developing the businesses to create the wealth to plough into Their own culture - for the benefit of that culture. Moreover, then Whites would have reduced opportunities for blaming Blacks in attempting to criminalize and pathologize Black Culture by always implying Blacks get all the racial abuse They deserve because They are alleged to be doing nothing rational to further Their own interests. Stop deserving it, in this way, and Whites will have a harder time justifying it.

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