Thursday, 26 April 2007

Britain is humiliated, the West powerless - and the Blair government contaminates all it touches

'One overriding challenge faces the world today: to ensure that the spread of democratic market economies and the international liberal economic order in which they flourish are not reversed by reactionary forces. It is challenge which we might fail to meet'. The latter outcome would be a good thing since to spread a good by force is inherently evil - an evil typical of White Dreams of World Dominance. As usual, Whites claim to know what's best and that those who don't agree should have their rights trampled-on in the name of humanity - a humanity Whites never really accept as being of equal value to Their own. When Whites talk about the 'onward march of civilisation', They are referring to Themselves as the provider of such 'civilisation' for the alleged benefit of those more darker-skinned than Themselves. 'For the West to have succeeded [in civilising the heathen] would have required a great deal of moral courage, determination and patience, qualities that it no longer possesses in sufficient quantities'. The reason such racist nonsense always fails is precisely because of the belief that human qualities are quantifiable! There can be no such thing as a quality lacking in "sufficient quantity", unless you can tell Frank TALKER how much faith, hope or charity there is in the world - to the nearest metric tonne. (Additionally, a truly morally-courageous person would know that forcing his view on others is not an act or 'moral courage'.) This ethical claptrap completely evades any reference to the fact that terrorism and counter-terrorism is, like marriage, a game that it takes two to play. Very few terrorists lack at least the semblance of a valid grievance against someone, somewhere; inevitably erupting into violence. Rather than deluding ourselves into thinking that a 'policy of appeasement' is what we are doing, we should accept that we are most often simply getting our just desserts for our past foolish behaviour. It is in this area of ethical honesty that the 'great deal of moral courage, determination and patience, qualities that [the West] no longer possesses in sufficient quantities' is really lacking. Even Hitler had a valid axe to grind regarding the Treaty of Versailles and its inane iniquities; otherwise, Hitler could never have gained power at all based on possessing no argument. This writer goes on to absurdly claim the following. 'Iran, a country which funds terrorists and whose leaders have threatened to wipe Israel off the map, will continue to move closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon; the Chinese will continue to buy its oil; and a weakened West will continue to enjoy the fruits of globalisation while refusing to make any effort to defend the structures on which its freedom and prosperity depend'. What he does not understand is that globalisation means having to do business with those one does not like - as freedom-of-speech implies protecting it for those with whom one does not agree. This writer thinks we can only achieve globalisation when everyone has been coerced into being in our own image! If so, then we will not have true globalisation but global tyranny - of the nuclear powers over the non-nuclear. Britain would only be truly humiliated if it had a legitimate reason to be in Iraq in the first place - which it does not. Therefore, Britain humiliated itself. Fortunately, only individuals can be humiliated so this statement is neither here nor there since it cannot possibly be true. The headline never makes clear whether it's Blair's blundering foreign policy which has humiliated Britain or the ease with which, for example, a supposedly inferior nation was able to take UK servicemen hostage. This piece is racist hogwash because countries lead by example; they do not force their culture down the throats of others if they wish to be moral leaders. Force always has the reverse effect yet allows Whites to claim that those who do not accept their way-of-being are inferior and that their pre-existing racism is thus justified. There is, in fact, no other way of at least giving the semblance of superiority.

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