Saturday, 4 August 2007

Bigotry of bumbling Boris

'The Tory higher education spokesman previously claimed the Stephen Lawrence inquiry was a “witchhunt”'. He's right; it was: A hunt for White Racist witches, who actually do exist. '[A]nd that Nelson Mandela’s South Africa was a “tyranny of black majority rule”'. Of course, this is because it's a democracy and the majority of the population are black. Whoever heard of a democracy where the minority was in charge? Oh, yeah. Frank TALKER has, that was called apartheid. Clearly, Mr Johnson would welcome a return to racist minority rule. By definition, all democracies are tyrannous to those in the minority, since their views don't carry the day. Mr Johnson is simply caterwauling like a big baby because those of his own colour no longer run the playhouse. In truth, Mr Johnson only welcomes democracy when whites are in control; he believes that blacks are not fit to control their own destinies. Boris Johnson 'has even claimed the British Empire ended slavery' but doesn't explain how a racist institution can ever do this. '[A]nd blamed “native rulers” for inventing slavery'. A typically racist attempt to blame the victim by claiming White Racism's OK so long as whites weren't racist first. Presumably, this also explains why whites were so keen upon taking up the cudgels of the slavery blacks are alleged to have invented with such enthusiasm. 'And he accused inner city “inhabitants” in Britain of being benefit scroungers'. Perhaps if blacks weren't so economically disadvantaged by White Racists They wouldn't need to claim benefits in the first place. '[A]nd of “pissing on the loyalty” of the indigenous population'. What loyalty might that be? To an endemically racist system designed to disenfranchise non whites? 'Anti-racist activists say Johnson’s views, expressed in a range of articles mainly in the Daily Telegraph and the right-wing magazine The Spectator which he edited, mean he is not fit to run a multicultural city'. Don't fool yourselves. London is not a multicultural city: It is a unicultural one, run for and by Whites. Although it's probably quite true that Nelson 'Mandela was leading South Africa “firmly on the road to banana republic poverty”' it's really no ones business but the south Africans. If that's the kind of country they want, it's their country and they can do with it what they wish. Mr Johnson is just pissed off that apartheid didn't work out for his racial coevals. 'Karen Chouhan, a trustee of The 1990 Trust, said Johnson’s views raised fears he could wreck years of progress on multiculturalism in London'. What progress? ‘I can’t believe the disrespect [Boris Johnson] shows for a world leader like Mandela, especially when a statue in his honour is about to go up in Trafalgar Square'. Mr Johnson can't bear the fact that a Black is revered as a world leader, that's all. Mr Johnson 'is a buffoon who would destroy all the hard work to make sure London is a place where all people are treated with respect’. What hard work and when will this utopian fantasy ever come to pass? No answer. 'Eroll Walters, interim director of the Black Londoners Forum, added: "Boris Johnson is out of touch. He has been, and will always be, insensitive to the issues of concern to Black Londoners". Boris Johnson is not out of touch since his views chime with those of the majority of Londoners who are White. He is not concerned with the concerns of Blacks – if he were, then he would not be so egregiously racist. 'Johnson, as editor of the Spectator, published... columns by socialite Taki George. In 2003 lawyer Peter Herbert called for Johnson and the magazine to be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred over a... George article which called black people “thugs” who were “breeding like flies”. The White fear here is that the non white minority will some day become the non white majority and, as in South Africa, come for their racial revenge. Well, let's be honest, they probably will – and Boris Johnson's descendants will serving fries to Blacks at Macdonald's. 'Johnson has also admitted to being more frightened of black youth than white youth while cycling through parks... “If that is racial prejudice, then I am guilty”. Well, I guess that says it all, doesn't it. 'However in the same article Boris Johnson appears to justify racism by remarking: ‘It is common ground among both right-wingers and left-wingers that racism is “natural”, in that it seems to arise organically, in all civilisations'. Here Mr Johnson is correct, but he fails to understand that the very things he fears will happen under black majority rule will, therefore, come to pass. This is because if it's natural for whites to be racist then it's also natural for blacks. In which case he is entirely hypocritical to condemn blacks for being just as racist as whites. But then aren't all racists hypocrites by definition?

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