Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Boris solution for Africa - bring back colonialism

Needless to say, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan prove that colonialism never went away. There's an attempt by Whites here to test the water of public opinion by putting up a racist White Politician to see if a sufficient number of whites will vote for him. If they do, then Whites will feel They have enough support to press for more racist legislation to halt the forward and upward march of the ethnic minorities in the UK. Not towards equality (there's no such thing) but the greatly feared superiority over Whites. The main technique here is to condemn past racism in order to claim that racism is on the wane and then simply claim blacks are self oppressed and that White Racism is not an issue any more. In which case, why bother to make the claim. What's the point of continually saying it's stopped raining if it has? Are Whites trying to convince Blacks that this is true – or convince Themselves? By so doing, Whites hope to conceal present day racism. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Mr Johnson coming to look increasingly like that late celebrated thespian Charles Laughton every day? Minus Mr Laughton's not inconsiderable acting ability, however.

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