Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Doreen Lawrence savaged by Tory bloggers

As usual with Whites, They cannot bear the awful truth about Themselves. '...Doreen Lawrence told The Guardian: “Once people read [Boris Johnson's racist] views, there is no way he is going to get the support of... the black community”'. This is somewhat silly since he does not want such support and, in fact does not need it because blacks are in the minority in London. In a first past the post democracy, it's the majority (whites) who will seize all the power and impose White Majority Rule on blacks. Notice how the response of Whites is so different when it comers to sex crimes rather than race ones. When mothers campaigning for a Megan's Law to out paedophiles in their neighbourhoods, no one dare say that those women are embittered by the sexual murder of their children. This is because Whites consider the lives of Whites more important than the lives of Blacks. And also because most whites are complicit in racism since they refuse to act against it. By not doing so they demonstrate a classic sin of omission giving their more active racist brethren the belief that the silent majority of whites is behind them and will support them in racist practices by not speaking out against them. They're correct; they won't. '[Doreen Lawrence's] comments unleashed a wave of hate-filled personal remarks in the blogosphere'. This suggests that Doreen Lawrence is the cause of White Racism. No, Whites are the cause of Their own negative feelings for blacks. Racism has nothing to do with the behaviour of blacks but with the colour of blacks – which blacks cannot change. The various attempts to claim Stephen Lawrence was a drug dealer are typical white attempts to evade the issue of the racism of the people making such claims. Chris Paul: 'I have no idea whether what you say about Stephen is true or not'. This clearly shows that Whites don't even care if Their negative assertions are correct only that they can be used to evade the fundamentalist racism underlying such assertions. 'ToMTom wrote: “It doesn't take much to wind up Ms Lawrence... who, it seems, has very little to say about the astonishing number of blacks who murder fellow blacks”'. Strange to say, few whites have much to say about the 'astonishing number' of whites who have sex with their own children which whites think they can deal with useless advice like: "Don't talk or take sweets from strangers".

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