Thursday, 2 August 2007

Eugenie in row over "racist" Facebook entry

'PRINCESS EUGENIE was embroiled in a racism row last night after a group she joined on the social networking website (sic) Facebook was branded “offensive” by equal rights campaigners'. Most Blue Bloods' only achievements are based upon heredity, so it's hardly surprising that they'd succumb to the temptations of the very racism upon which their future welfare depends. Their obsession with racial taints belies a fear of future failings should the blood of lesser beings contaminate their bloodlines. 'Lester Holloway, editor of Blink, the black news website (sic) and a member of the 1990 Trust,... said: “It’s... sad to see these... stereotypes being joked about in this way by people who should know better"'. How can they know better when they're so obviously and inevitably obsessed with bloodlines, since bloodlines are the sole source of any social advantages that they possess? Their very existence on this earth is predicated on not knowing any better! Racism is an inevitable result of the political syndrome known as the "Chinless Wonder" or the "Hooray Henrietta". He continues: 'Most of society these days recognises that these terms are inappropriate'. Where is the evidence that most people in the UK think and act in accordance with such "recognition"? 'It’s a pity Princess Eugenie and her friends are stuck in a time warp; they need to get in the 21st century'. They already are 'in the 21st century', since these ideas are still very current. The thing that really pisses me off is that Frank TALKER's blog ( POLITICS?) is not called racist – it least responding to such condemnation would make a pleasant diversion from re arranging the fridge magnets.

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