Monday, 3 April 2006

Christopher Alder, victim of 'unwitting racism'


No matter what the police say about their non-existent efforts to remove racism from their ranks, the fact is that regularly-occurring incidents such as this prove that the police will always be racist so long as White Culture is.

Given the institutionally racist nature of White Culture there can never be a diminution in the racism of Police Officers because the pool of potential recruits is inherently racist. If you were rid of all the racist Police Officers and stopped recruiting racists, the UK Police Service would be decimated.

The fact that no police officer was willing to come forward to blow the whistles on his colleagues proves that White Police Officers are perfectly happy working for a racist organisation and tacitly or overtly approve of such behaviours. Whites claim to want to learn the lessons from Their racism but Their only real goal is to learn how to more effectively conceal Their inbred hatred of Blacks. This is proven by the fact that whenever White Police Officers are exposed as racists, Their colleagues join forces to cover-up rather than to help in eradicating racism – with the connivance of senior officers.

When a BBC journalist exposed police racism at the training stage recently he was arrested rather than thanked for doing the job that the police themselves should have been doing. This proves the UK Police Service deliberately wishes to remain racist and will spend more time vetting recruits for journalism credentials rather than racist attitudes.

It’s also worth noting that when Whites are caught on camera behaving in a racist fashion, They are much more likely to get away with it than a Black because it’s Whites who decide what the video images mean. Whites decide that Whites Behaving Badly is not a reflection upon all Whites; Blacks Behaving Badly is just what you’d expect from “Coloureds”.

Here endeth the lessons to be learned form this incident, except that: “Unwitting racism” is still racism!

(Qualifying the verb with "unwitting" is merely a Cheap White Attempt to distract attention from the "racism"; while trying desperately to excuse the racism because one is allegedly unaware of being a racist. And yet, every man truly knows where his own shoes pinch. [As paedophiles know that children aren't "up for it"; as rapists know that women don't really want to be forcibly raped; etc.] "Unwitting" is never a justification for "racism" but an explanation of the fact that Whites are so racist that They are barely aware that They are. That Their racism is so widespread and so well-known to Them that, like mobile phones, one becomes unaware of them because of their [& its] very ubiquity.)

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