Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Our Father, who art in Downing Street...

‘The danger, acknowledged by leading pastors, is that Black-majority churches could be viewed on the streets and the pews as being manipulated by a wilting government desperate for new friends’.

No. The danger is that Whites will fear that if blacks achieve any kind of political power They will pass laws that enable Blacks to get Their revenge on Whites for centuries of White Race Hatred. This fear will produce much more overt White Racism than we have now with all the street warfare that usually arises from white phobias about Blacks. We already see this in the current backlash against political correctness because – although Whites invented political correctness – They resent it because it means that Whites have to be very careful what They say in a way that Blacks don’t. In other words, political correctness is just another form of racial discrimination.

Whites can only hope that Blacks are so desperate for the crumbs for the White Man’s High Table that They can be appeased with larger rather than smaller crumbs. However, since White Culture is essentially empty (after the failure of its only hope, the British Empire) a larger percentage of nothing is still nothing.

‘Bishop John Francis, leader of Ruach ministries, added: 'We're not telling people who to vote for, that's not my responsibility’. Yes, but you are telling them to vote – as such - which IS still telling them what to do. You refuse to accept that not voting is a perfectly valid political choice; while never explaining why they should. The central flaw of democracy and democrats is their unwillingness to accept that those who don’t vote are still voting – against democracy. In any democracy, it’s still possible to vote for another form of government as the racist and undemocratic British National Party (BNP) proves. (Incidentally, this is why the BNP is so politically important because it reminds us of this essential fact; that we do rather tend to want to forget.) You also don’t say why anyone should vote, especially when this has no positive impact on race relations in a majority-white demos; which is precisely why Blacks voting is a waste of time.

‘Baroness Amos said: 'It's an opportunity for government to listen to what the Black-majority church is saying and be critical friends of government in a two-way conversation’. Since when have Whites ever been involved in a ‘two-way conversation’ with Blacks? This woman is either a nidiot or wilfully knave. The fact is that Whites can just as easily enter such (pretend) conversations as They can just as easily withdraw from them. Whites can’t see how such withdrawal effects Them negatively either way, so why should They care either way? This proves there’s no incentive for Whites to engage in any kind of conversation with Blacks – ‘two-way’ or otherwise.

As always, the fundamental issue in all politics is cui bono?

There is no benefit here for Blacks because White Culture is empty without a racist basis. The benefit is all for Whites because such a racial (& ultimately racist) rapprochement helps Them pretend to Themselves that Their culture is worthwhile because Blacks want so obviously to be not only accepted by Whites, but to become like Them. This is where the inequity in the proposed relationship between black & white lies and always will lie.
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