Monday, 3 April 2006

Stop and search stats show the government is failing to tackle racism


‘The 1990 Trust believes the stop and search and criminal justice system figures released today show the “justice gap” between Black and White people is increasing’. Obviously, Whites don’t want Blacks to swamp Their country - this is why Whites instituted immigration controls for Blacks in the first place.

‘From stop and search, to arrests, cautions, convictions and the prison population: the trends are moving in the wrong direction’. Wrong for Blacks but not for Whites. You Blacks need to realise that Whites aren’t going to treat you fairly unless there is a benefit to Them. As of this writing, neither Black nor White has ever come up with a positive benefit in renouncing racism. So these trends are moving in the right direction insofar as the majority of the population of a democratic country are concerned. Democracy, after all, will always support racism so long as the majority of the population remains racist. It could not be any other way.

In any case, given the institutionally racist nature of White Culture there can never be a diminution in the racism of Police Officers because the pool of potential recruits is inherently racist. If you were rid of all the racist Police Officers and stopped recruiting racists, the UK Police Service would be decimated.

‘Equality should be at the heart of government policy’. Why? How does this benefit Whites? ‘We’ve had more than enough rhetoric over the past few years’. If Blacks understand that Whitespeak about race is no more than ‘rhetoric’ (ie, insincere) why did Blacks ever listen to Whitespeakers. ‘These new figures show, once again, that the government is failing to put fine words into action’. Of course; that’s what’s meant by empty rhetoric! What else would you expect from Whites - meaningful rhetoric?

Blacks have yet to understand that politicians can change nothing – politicians can only endeavour to conceal their inabilities in this regard by quoting rhetorical statistics show that change is possible – through a mystical belief in statistics. Outside of technological progress, all that statistics ever show is that the more things change; the more they remain the same. And we all know this, secretly – as do politicians – so all we’re doing when we condemn politicians is scapegoat them for our own political failings and our own refusal to face political reality.

‘As we approach the 25th anniversary of the Brixton riots it is fashionable for authorities to claim how far policing and criminal justice has come’. Of course, this is merely a fashion for claiming that Black Experience is of less value than White Experience because those making such claims are racists. That is, Whites claiming to have changed Their negative attitudes to Blacks without ever offering any proof. Whites are simply claiming here that the racism They don’t see - and that which They choose to turn a blind eye to - doesn’t exist. ‘On the surface many improvement have been made - we no longer have the “Sus Laws”’ (Sic). Nonsense, of course. We have Stop-&-Search which is just as bad because it allows racist Police Officers to vent their racism with the laws arms around them.

‘After nearly nine years Labour government we expected more to be done to tackle the persistent discrimination and unequal outcomes for Black people in Britain’ (Sic). Why did you expect this - because of the rhetoric you referred to earlier which you label as rhetoric because you regard it as insincere? Are you now regretful to have voted for White Politicians who lied to you about Their commitment to Blacks? You should have been more pragmatic and less inclined to believe White Propaganda about how wonderful They are in being able to transform from an essentially racist culture to an essentially pro-diversity one. There is no evidence that this transformation has ever nor will ever take place – there never can be such evidence because society doesn’t exist and no-one can really know what others think about them.

It’s time to face this simple fact, leave Whites behind and stop voting for Them. Indeed, it’s time to stop taking part in a discredited parliamentary-system for the simple reason that a minority can never have much sway within such a system - even under proportional representation.

Time to stop wasting your own time waiting for leopards to change their spots. Blacks lack courage, in this regard, so will always be treated as inferior because They actually are.

Do you really think Whites are waiting to be accepted by Blacks? Of course not! Whites would like you to accept Their inherent superiority but you obviously won’t because Whites are racist. That’s the basic reason Whites hate Blacks because Blacks – unsurprisingly – don’t appreciate White Racism. The only Choice Whites are prepared to offer you is the one where BLACKS accept that Whites are the best, then Whites will stop being overtly racist. This is emotional blackmail, of course, but since Whites can’t prove Their genetic superiority - They can only posit it without evidence - it’s all They have left to beat Blacks about the head and neck with.

‘Today’s criminal justice statistics are a reminder of how far we’ve got to go, and how little we’ve come’. You’ve got nowhere to go since you will never be accepted as British. Stop relying on Whites to accept you and start accepting yourself. It’s because you haven’t done this that you’ve achieved so little – as will your children who come after you.
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