Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Your Community Needs You

What is the point of Blacks voting in an election that Whites will always win so long as Whites remain the overwhelming majority?

This piece makes the usual mistakes Blacks always make; primarily, in not specifying what changes are required and in what way, precisely, any change will benefit Blacks. Still, doing something is always better than doing nothing. At least it uses-up unused energy and time that could be better spent doing more productive things – if only we could find more productive things to do. And this is the issue here; the lack of courage and insight into UK culture such that few can ever see clearly what actions would have the most impact on self and the world.

‘...[T]he trendsetting organisers have reclaimed the Lord Kitchener iconic symbol used to sign-up soldiers during World War One’. Odd that this should be thought worthy of praise since the original was used to convince millions of naive young men that their lives would be well-spent walking upright into German machine bullets! (Dolce et decorum est pro patria mori)

The plain fact is that representation is irrelevant if the vast majority of Whites hate you for being black. This hate will not diminish simply because all eligible Blacks are voting. No one who thinks it will, understands human emotions – especially the more neurotically-charged ones.

Similar campaigns were tried in the United States and still Blacks claim to need Positive Discrimination to achieve certain of Their goals: Representation made no difference. What next? Whites with one hand tied behind Their backs to create a level racial playing-field?

Zambian-born dipstick Hil St. Soul sez: 'I feel it’s important that our voice is heard as it’s the only way we can implement change and improve the quality of our lives’. Where is the evidence for this gibbering monkey-talk? I feel Blacks ought to get Their heads from out of Their arses first before They start talking about changing things around here. How – exactly – do Blacks think They’re going to move Entrenched White Values that proclaim that only Whites make the decisions that effect Them? Remember the Midlothian Question? It is a racist question, yet Blacks can’t see this. If, in a United Kingdom, Scots can’t make decisions that only effects the English, then why bother having a United Kingdom? This is why Whites are perfectly entitled to make decisions that effect Blacks unless Blacks are preaching some form of extreme racial segregation – a racial devolution, if you will!

Mr Stevenson sez: 'If we do not entice all marginalised groups into the political process then the extremist groups will’. How typical of Blacks: Engage in a pointl4ess activity simply to stop other negative people from winning! Pathetic. If you think you’re marginalised, then you are – deservedly so.

'To do nothing is not an option’. In truth, doing nothing is not possible – except to a corpse. This is Blackspeak for “If you don’t do what we say and what we agree with then you’re effectively doing nothing”. ‘Inclusion in the political process will give these disaffected young people a sense of purpose, pride and belonging’. Really? By what mysterious process will it do this, pray? If you want a sense of purpose – get a job. If you want a sense of pride – shower every day and wear clean clothes. If you want to belong to a racist culture – see a psychiatrist (immediately)!

'Exclusion from this [democratic] process will do the opposite and will be to the detriment of everyone.' How will Blacks not getting involved in the democratic process deleteriously effect Whites, exactly?

The reason so many Blacks don’t vote is because They’re realistic enough to know it makes no difference to Their lives. And They’re not going to waste the energy and time doing something that helps Them not a jot.

'Black young people need to be active democrats if issues such as raising educational achievement, reducing unemployment and defeating the racist BNP are to be tackled locally’. This means that the mental illness of racism in White Teachers who refuse to educate Blacks as well as within White Employers who refuse to employ Blacks can be dealt with by democracy! How? Aren’t psychiatric issues best dealt with by psychiatrists? In a democracy, aren’t Whites free to be racist? Is that not Their democratic right? Or is it only Blacks who have democratic rights?

The fact is that the country is run by civil servants – not by politicians. Therefore, it would be better to get your Black Brats through the competitive civil service examinations than anything else would. Either that, or you should teach your little picaninies some entrepreneurial flair because Whites will then have to come calling Black Employers for jobs – and They will not like that, at all!
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