Thursday, 27 April 2006

Legal eagles grounded


Naive as always.

‘...[C]ivil servants [have been ordered] to clear the way for public authorities to prevent legal firms from getting lucrative work if they do not publish figures on workforce diversity’. This will achieve little except reveal more clearly how racist White Firms tend to be: This we already know. If it doesn’t convince White Firms that it’s best for Them to employ on merit rather than skin colour, then what’s the point?

Because the revelations as to the institutional racism within the UK Police Service have done nothing whatsoever to root out racism in the UK police, it’s impossible to see how ordering the publication of workforce diversity statistics will make any difference. Especially when one considers that the UK civil service is also held back by profound institutional racism. Maybe Blacks think that it takes a racist to catch a racist? In truth, it takes a racist to protect a racist.

‘Diversity is now very much a mainstream issue and legal firms are beginning to understand they need to make this a priority or ultimately it will effect their bottom line’. No company has a truly transparent recruitment practice because successful firms – not unnaturally – assume that if they are successful, they merely need to employ people like themselves, from the same backgrounds, schools, social class, etc. They assume that they merely need to proceed as they always have. That they are wrong in such assumptions - because of the basic fact that markets change – doesn’t matter to such people because we all tend to assume that in the long run we’re all dead. In which case why change the habits of a (racist) lifetime?

In the world of work, few care about the ‘bottom line’ more than their status. This means creating whole classes of people – the poor, women, the disabled, Blacks, etc – who are overtly or covertly excluded from the high table precisely to maintain such a false and inflated sense of status. Status, by its nature, is not based on whom one includes, but upon whom one excludes. Who is going to employ someone who is cleverer than they themselves are without running the risk that that other person will someday deprive them of their job because they end-up being able to do it better than the employer? The blow to the Insecure White Ego would be too much to bear and is, therefore, rigorously avoided.

Status is why ‘resistance to change’ isn’t based on ignorance – it never is. It’s based upon a clear view that those groups who can prove that they’re just as valid as any other represent an economic threat to those groups who think they’re superior.

It’s always terribly ignorant to claim that your enemies are ignorant because you run the very real risk of indulging in the very same demonising and pathologising that they practice in your direction. Was it ever thus? Racists know exactly what they’re doing (convincing others that they’re inferior without evidence or proof) otherwise, they wouldn’t be so successful at doing it. Only truly ignorant people fail at the game of life. And it does tend to be ignorant Blacks who fail as has been demonstrated by countless statistics proving Black failure in such fields as education and employment, for example.

Blacks need to think a bit more carefully about being the pot calling the kettle black.

Whites don’t care if Their racism undermines respect for the legal profession because Whites have no respect for Blacks. Whites respond to this (non-)danger by such things as doing Their best to ensure that more Blacks are sent to prison as a proportion of the population than Whites. Along with other attempts at demonising Blacks such as labelling Them as potential terrorists (in our midsts) and locking Them up in mental institutions because Their public behaviour is different from Whites.

Whites are happy to increase a sense of social exclusion among Blacks because Whites expect that this will result in a violent response from Blacks; leading Whites to call for increasingly draconian legal measures to be taken against Blacks. A self-fulfilling prophecy as to the nature of Black cultural inferiority when these Blacks can’t control Themselves and behave like civilised (ie, White) people. This is the age-old prophecy always practised by those who hate you made true by those who fall into its net.

The fact is that the legal profession is one of the institutional arms of the country specifically designed to foster a disrespect against the White Legal System within Blacks. This can later be used against those same Blacks. And is deliberately designed to create the social exclusion that Whites can use to pretend to Themselves that Blacks are inferior because Blacks can’t seem to make Their own way in the world.

‘Michael Webster, a director of the Black Solicitors Network and editor of the 2006 Diversity League report, told Blink that the profession had no choice but to face the reality of multi-racial Britain’. Mr Webster doesn’t explain why the White Legal Profession has to do any such thing; especially given the fact that few Whites - in Their heart-of-hearts - really believe in a ‘multi-racial Britain’.

The fact is that racism isn’t everyone’s business, it’s White Racists’ Business – it’s up to racists to effectively deal with the racism in Their own hearts. All that Blacks have to do is to protect Themselves from such racism and to punish those who practice it. To claim otherwise is to claim that Blacks need to work together with Their would-be oppressors in the fight against racists. Obviously, White Racists are not going to do this since They would then have to be fighting Themselves. This, racists are already doing by virtue of being racist since racism is, as this article points out, a classic example of a self-inflicted wound. For example, if a Black could cure cancer, this would be less likely to happen if Blacks are denied the requisite educational opportunities. Such a view ties Blacks to those who would wish Them ill which cannot possibly do Blacks any good.

It’s clear, therefore, that Blacks are masochistically wedded to White Racism because it provides Blacks with an excuse for Their cultural failings: Blame it all on Barbylarn.

The ideas expressed in this article deal with White Behaviour towards Blacks but without any means of ensuring that this deals with Their attitudes.

The only real solution here is for Blacks to establish Their own legal firms and advertise as Black Legal Firms to show that Blacks are more likely to get justice than They would from White Legal Firms. Such organisations wouldn’t need to exclude Whites because it’s very unlikely Whites will seek the services of a Black lawyer.

Come to that, it amazes me that Blacks don’t establish trust funds precisely to encourage Blacks - by paying grants to Them – to do just this. The fact that Whites don’t do this just goes to show how little real commitment They have to the issues outlined above.
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